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when are kings bad to eat??

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  • when are kings bad to eat??

    At what point, based on coloration, are kings not that good to eat? I sent a picture of one I caught to a buddy in Texas, and his first thought, based on the slight darkening of my king, was that it wasn't good to eat because he had seen some documentary saying that once salmon darken, they aren't good to eat. Any elaborations would be appreciated.
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    Your typical river caught king in Alaska is blushed. They don't stay chrome long in fresh water. That said there is a difference between blushed and dark maroon. I try to stay away from the maroon ones, or fish that start getting the white sores along their belly and tail sections. Other than that, go ahead and eat those red and blushed kings. No problem at all. If the color and your buddies comments has your freaked out though...then toss it in the smoker!

    Now, sockeye and silvers on the other hand - if they ain't chromers they're going back in the river.

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      Depends on personal preference. There are those that eat fish that are nearly rotten, and others that won't touch anything but a chromer.

      I've had blushed kings that was absolutely delicious. So long as the flesh is firm and red, you should be good to go.
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        Good Indication

        For a good indication of the firmness of the flesh, press one finger into the fleshy portion of the back. If the depression quickly disappears, it is good to go. If the depression remains, release the fish quickly.
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          I agree, blushed fish are fine. I usually vac pack and freeze the bright fish for the table later in the year. The blushed fish, I smoke or jar up for the canner. Speaking of canned fish, try a tablespoon of Catalina French dressing in each pint jar rather than salt. It gives the fish a nice color and it's delicious. The French dressing has enough salt in it for the canning process. I learned this trick from my mom who uses this recipe for canning Blue Backs in Idaho.
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            Yeah i do the same thing for canning.The catalina canned salmon rocks. I also drop in about 2 or 3 jalapenos. Awsome.


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              Jin - Do you put in two or three slices of jalepenos, or two or three whole jalepeno peppers uncut? Sounds great!



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                Just slices. Wow 3 whole jalapenos!! That would be gnarly hot!! Give it a try. ha


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