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Clear Creek?

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  • Clear Creek?

    Any fishing reports so far for Clear Creek/Talkeetna River?

    I have heard various reports from "The run is way late and there are no fish" to "We're slaying them right now!"

    What's the real story if anyone knows?

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    clear creek

    I posted 2 weeks ago that I was up there and there were a few people fishing the mouth and catching bright kings.
    However, my brother left 2 days ago to go up there and they were camping on the gravel bar but I called him yesterday for his B-day and he said the gravel bar is gone and the river has come up 3 feet. bad news for camping good news for fishing as the fish usually really come hard when the water comes up. They are reporting loads of fish surfacing at the mouth and out in the talkeetna however it's been raining pretty hard there so as of yesterday they haven't personally wet a line. BUT THEY ARE DEFINATLEY IN!


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      EXCELLENT news!

      We're going into Clear Creek on Sunday-Friday and wetting lines on Sunday!


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