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Southeast Silvers...Prince of Wales island

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  • Southeast Silvers...Prince of Wales island

    Just a quick report...I'm beat after a long sunny day (a rare treat in September) out and about fishing, hiking, visiting...and more fishing.

    Each day starts at 4 AM to get going and heading to the Klawock river to get a limit of 6 Silvers. The reason for the early rise is to get a good spot on the river. It's only a mile long and lots of dead fall trees in the water.

    Sunday morning limit time was a new personal best. 6 fish caught in 16 minutes ...however it took an additional 7 mins to get the last chrome bright fish as #6 was turning dark. So the final time was 23 minutes. Normal limit times are up to 3 hours depending of how picky one is while culling the dark or small or female Coho. Chrome goes home! All else goes back.

    So I have two full boxes and one to go over the next two days of fishing.

    Pink, yellow, brass, green, orange, pretty much any color works. Bait is now open for 30 days which makes the 20 minute limit possible.

    The wi fi is slow more later or when I get back.
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    Nice work, Load that freezer! Nothing better than early morning limits

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      Great job, we had a terrible run where we were and got very few. Glad you are getting into them



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        Sorry to hear that, Mike. That was a real nice halibut and a jumbo Coho you showed me.

        Here's today's fish....minus the 15 Jacks, and dozen dark Coho I released.

        My fish bonker is 18 inches long for reference. This stringer of fish was between 55 & 60#.

        One more day and I'm done....heading home with 3 - 50# Boxes of Silvers and a few Copper rockfish to make into sushi.

        Tons of Jacks were caught all week which bodes well for a great Silver return next year. I can't wait.
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          Nice mess of fish, glad you got into them this year. We are hoping for a better season next year. Those are some nice fish. I will call you in a few weeks


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