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  • Trout fishing Willow area

    Hi. My wife and I will be satying in the Willow area on Thursday, June 29. I am going out with a guide for a little fly fishing the next day (Friday the 30th). However, I will have a little time on my hands the night before and was wondering if anyone had some advice as to a place I could spend a couple hours fly fishing that evening. We are satying at mile 88.1 of the Parks highway at Gigglewood Lakeside Inn. I understand that this is on Caswell Lake. Any places that are easy to get to from there? What will be biting and on what? Thanks!

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    Any nearby stream.....

    will provide rainbows, grayling and dollies as well as king salmon this time of year. If you like trout fishing, I would try some of the smaller streams like Greys creek, Caswell creek, Goose creek, etc... You need to check the regulations though. Since the major streams have gone to weekend only fishing for salmon they may be closed for trout as well. This usually only applies to the lower part of the river (downstream of the Parks hwy.). Upstream you should be OK. Little Willow and Willow creeks are good rainbow producers as well.

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