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Whittier Fish Cleaning Station

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  • Whittier Fish Cleaning Station

    I've been in/out of Whittier many times and haven't seen a fish cleaning station. Actually I haven't been looking real hard for one while I was there. Is there a cleaning station by the docks? Considering the price of the tunnel, parking, and launch fee there should be one in the area.

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    There one very small cleaning table. I forgot which ramp (maybe by the harbormaster office) you go down to reach it. As the harbormaster when you get there where it is, but it is there. Now if they'd only fix the ramps that have the rebar sticking out.


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      Whittier Fish-Cleaning Station

      The fish cleaning station is on the ramp that leads down to Foxtrot. It is only large enough to accomodate about two people at once, and is often used by the charters in the evenings.

      I hear you about the rebar. I'm afraid to even use the west side of the "good" ramp, near east end of the harbor. To much rebar sticking up; I'm afraid of getting a flat. I believe that the Harbor will receive about $1M from the State this year through the capital budget. Wonder if they'll use any of that money to fix the ramps (HINT, HINT).


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        There are at least two fish cleaning stations - one on the end of C Float (take the ramp down from the Harbor Master's office and turn right) and the other at the bottom of the other ramp. There is a decent table, running water, and a floating cage to throw the carcasses into. Also, taking a look into the cage will give you an idea of what people have been catching. Once silvers show up by the tables (mid-July?), you know it's time to start trolling!



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          Thank you for the replies. Hopefully I'll see you at the cleaning stations.


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