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    My wife and I just moved to the anchorage area. I was wondering what is good bait to use to catch some trout in the area? Can anyone tell me where some good spots to go fishing? It has to be kind of easy to get to for now because we have a 7 month old with us.


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    I live in Eagle River, so, naturally all the good fishing spots I know are in this area. Beach lake and Mirror lake offer some great trout fishing. I use a small eagle claw single hook pre-made ready to buy at freddies with a small cocktail shrimp. Either on the bottom or on a bottom works great.


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      Use small, trout-size hooks; tie an egg loop on them using 4 to 8 pound test mono, leaving 24 inches or so of leader on the hook (see these sites for instructions: ).

      Tie the leader to a swivel, leaving the hook 12 to 24 inches from the swivel. Slide your line through a slide sinker or sliding sinker drop, tie your line to the other end of the swivel.

      You now have a sliding bait rig. The trout can pick up the bait while the line slides through the weight, allowing you to feel the take.

      Use a small dab of cured salmon eggs under the egg loop. If you have trouble understanding or visualizing this, print it out and take it to a good tackle shop. They'll sell you what you need and explain it.


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        In addition to bait, you might want to consider some 1/4oz brass and brass/blue, brass/green cast masters, and some 1/4" spoons in silver, silver/red, silver/green, silver/blue. At times lures can be more effective than bait.

        In Anchorage there are a pair of lakes just to the North of Tudor behind the Native Medical Center that I've done pretty good at. Easily fished from shore and you can walk all the way around the lakes, so nice for a family walk.
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          I caught and missed several 20" 'ers on just Wax Worms from Wal-Mart for about $1.36 a cup.



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            My favorite trout lures

            Depends on the clarity of the water as to what colors to use, but I prefer a sonic rooster tail (get em at sportsman's warehouse) a regular rooster works too but they don't last as long because they aren't built as well. get the 1/8th oz ones. Also like the #1 vibrax (very similar to the sonic rooster) Clear water:browns and rainbow colored ones, dark water , copper or brass colored. If you are taking the kid try finger lake in Wasilla easy to get to and has loads of fish from big to small. I also use the same lures in the streams with great success.


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