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  • fishing trip for dad

    Hey everyone, I am pretty new to this site. I am stationed in Ft. wainwright and am fulfilling a lifelong dream of being able to come to alaska. I am learning more everyday about hunting and fishing up here. I am from kentucky so things are quite different up here than whitetails and largemouths.
    Anyway, I was talking to my dad on fathers day and I have finally got him talked into leaving KY to come up here for the first two weeks of July next year. He wants to do a fly in fishing trip where he will not see another person. If any of you could help me set up this trip with information on cheap air service and a good location it would help tremendously. To get to return the favor to him for all the years that he put into teaching me to be the outdoorsman I am today, would mean the world to me.
    Thanks for any and all information!!!

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    Fly-in Float Trips

    Two great fly-in float trips that are relatively inexpensive are the Talachulitna Creek/River and Lake Creek. The first two weeks of July will produce excellent king, grayling, trout and char fishing. The book store on this site has DVDs showing the complete trip on each river. Outfitted, unguided trips can be done for about $850 each. Good luck!


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      If you go to Lake Creek it will not meet one of the criteria: "will not see another person".

      There will be a lot of people on the creek.



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        Welcome to Alaska

        I came to Alaska almost 20 years ago, just to kinda check it out. Haven't left yet. I too am from KY. Born in Carlisle and raised in Lexington.

        I was lucky to be able to have my father close to me and was able spend the last 15 years of his life fishing together on the Kenai Peninsula and hunting in the interior.

        I curently live in North Pole and I spend as many weekends as possible fishing with my 4 year old son.

        As for you search for the "perfect" fishing trip for your dad, I can't really help you there, as I have never been on a fly-in myself. My dad and I really never cared if there were other people around, we just loaded up the boat and hit the water. If we were successful, well that was a good day, but the fact that we were together made it a great day, fish or no fish.

        So, my advice to you, check out as many charters as you can to find the one your dad will like, get him up here and live the dream of fishing with your dad in the true fisherman's paradise - ALASKA!

        My hats off to you for your service to our great counrty. Thanks for helping make the world a better place for my son.

        Oh and by the way, if your out fishing and you run across a guy with a old dirty UK hat, well that just might be me.

        FISH ON!
        What are ya...a fisherman...or a catcherman?


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