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  • Rainbows in Fairbanks

    I am new to fishing in Fairbanks and was hoping someone with some expertise could point me in the right direction for some trout. I havn't heard about any rainbows up here, but don't know many people that fish here. I traded in my ocean boat for a river boat and am dying to catch some fish. Not looking for any honey holes, just a general area to try. John

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    River No Lake Yes


    Sorry you basically out of luck if your looking for River Rainbow fishing around Fairbanks!!!!!! There are stockings of Brood-stock fish now and again in Piledriver Slough however not much of late. If you have access to Eielson there is a creek that does contain some Rainbows, but nothing special. All other rivers in our general area contain Grayling, White-fish, Pike, and Suckers with runs of Kings and Chum salmon. Delta Clear Water 90 miles to the east has a late run of Silvers.

    Most of the local lakes such as Chena have stocked Rainbows, Dolly V, and silver salmon. If you travel to Birch, or Quarts Lakes heading towards Delta Juntion you will find better Bow fishing.

    Sorry your just not going to find River Rainbow fishing from a boat close to home.

    4 hours in either direction i.e. Parks Hgwy, or Richardson and you shall find what you ask.

    Tight Lines and Best Wishes

    Richard Mousseau


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      A friend just went to Quartz? lake with his kid and said they had a blast catching lots of fish. I may take my daughter this week and give it a try. Any pointers? Thanks again, John


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