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Big Su/Deshka boat launch

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  • Big Su/Deshka boat launch

    Im stuck on the slope until the 20th. I was looking for a report on the boat launch. I have heard rumors that guys were launching off the peninsula into the big su. Is this still true?


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    Went out Wednesday. No problems getting out of the marina, there was plenty of water. We've had some rain over the past few days so I would guess it would be okay. Check out and then click weather and trail info on the left. There are usually updates on water conditions there.


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      I fished the Deshka yesterday and again today, all kinds of water at the launch.
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        Its all good. Plenty of water, Big Su came up and also backed up the water in the Deshka. That has helped put more fish in the mouth of the river. Looks as though the run has been a little later than the past two years. You should hit it about perfect when you get back from skiing (as I suppose that is what one does on the slope) grin
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