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    Hey all, my name is Travis. My cousin and myself are planning on visiting the kenai peninsula on November 14th-24 roughly. I realize it isn't the prime fishing time of the year but I was wondering what our options for fishing would be during this time. We would have came during the summer but since we are both farmers we had to wait until harvest was done. Is there any charters going out during this time? Do any of them do any crabbing or shrimping? Is there anyone feeling generous who would take us out on their own boat fishing/crabbing/shrimping that wants to make a little money? We are both avid fishermen and hunters, we don't need to catch much or anything for that matter, we just love to do it. Any advice, suggestions information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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    The king salmon fishing in the saltwater out of Homer is smoking good right now. Look at the thread titled "Back in Black updates". The guy posting on that thread is Josh Brooks, and the guy flat out knows how to catch kings. I went with him a couple weeks ago - first time I've ever paid for a charter in Alaska, and it was a riot. Great time, great fishing.

    You won't find any charters on the Kenai Peninsula doing crabbing or shrimping, as there aren't any open shellfish fisheries down there right now. You might find a charter for fly fishing for rainbow trout on the Kenai River, but I'm not sure who is still active - I'm sure others can chime in there.


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      +1 on the Homer kings. They are smaller than many in-River kings but the eating quality more than makes up for it.

      Today off a kayak. 19 & 12 lbs on the boca grip scale.

      My personal pages...I'm not a guide.


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        Thanks a lot guys. We got our tickets booked last night and will be up there from the 17th to the 25th. I seen on here some people are ice fishing already up there, that's awesome. That's how I do most my fishing down here. We would be up for that or anything outdoors really. This trip was kind of a last minute deal if you can't tell so sorry if I'm asking too much. We don't want or need every day planned but a thing or two would be nice. Thanks again everyone and can't wait to get up there!


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