The link provides the background on this important development. NOAA Fisheries or NMFS as it used to be called, is developing a policy that will serve to guide the Councils on how to manage Recreational Fisheries. It will possibly prevent mismanagement, or at the very least provide some guidance on how to manage recreational fisheries like Halibut.

It will be Tuesday October 7th at the Hilton Hotel at 530. There is plenty of room, it would be great if a few of you made the time to come in and listen or speak to the bosses and let them know how you think things ought to be.

Here is the invite. Please pass it around. I will be there, so come up and say hi.

Attached is the National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy Discussion Guide for your information. It has gone out to the Council members for their information. There will be an evening workshop 5:30-7pm at the Anchorage Hilton on Tuesday October 7 in conjunction with the North Pacific Fishery management Council meeting.