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Buying gear in Anchorage or Wasilla?

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  • Buying gear in Anchorage or Wasilla?

    I finally have my trip planned out. Iím flying into Anchorage, then driving up to Wasilla for a shotgun tournament. Then my wifeís flying in and weíre driving down to Soldotna to fish.

    Hereís my question, we need to get waders and boots. Should we buy them in Anchorage or Wasilla? Iím already going to Sportsmanís Warehouse in Anchorage to get ammo. What about Wal-Mart?

    Iím looking for inexpensive gear. Anybody have any recommendations where to get it?

    Thanks, Brad
    brad g.
    So Cal, USA
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    Probably has cheaper gear dollar wise

    Sportsmans warehouse has a good selection but their prices haven't impressed me at all

    If this is stuff you're going to just use and throw/give away go with Walmart

    There's one in Anchorage and one in Wasilla.........prices are probably the same


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      Sportsman's Warehouse will have anything you need and Walmart is across the street. Personally, I woudl either buy in Anchorage or Soldotna. Soldotna Harware and Fishing is always well stocked and reasonably priced. I've been goiung there for a couple of decades now and NEVER disappointed. Even if you buy in Anchorage, stop in there while you are in Soldotna.....After all, you can never have enough fishing gear.


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        No sales tax in Anchorage....

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          If your not too discerning you can always rent waders and some rods in Cooper Landing at the Kenai Cache.....
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            Check out Outdoors and More in Wasilla. If they have one of their sales going, you can get some great deals.


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              walmart has the best prices anywhere in town. their stuff is 2-10 bucks cheaper


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                Thanks for the info guys. We get to Soldotna late Sunday night and fish early Monday morning so we need our gear before we get there.

                What do you think, breathable waders and long underware? What do you guys usually wear underneath them?


                brad g.

                Here's what I'm going to Wasilla for:
                brad g.
                So Cal, USA
                Visit my Sporting Clays website


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                  Check out Mt. View Sporting Goods, they are located on Old Seward and 36th on the West side of Old Seward next to New Sagaiya (sp?).

                  I like wearing polar fleece pants (if it's really cold I throw on a pair of heavy weight bottoms under the fleece) for colder water/fall or light weight workout pants for warmer water/summer.


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                    Don't forget about B&J's in Anchorage. Good selection and there's always someone to talk to who actually uses the gear they sell. Walmart may be a little cheaper and Sportsmans Warehouse may have a good selection but the folks at B&J's can and will talk to you about what works and what doesn't, and they have what works in stock. They really know their stuff.
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