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Rules regarding catching fish in different areas than where staying

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  • Rules regarding catching fish in different areas than where staying


    Say we fish 3A and catch/keep a limit from there and those limits are different than what is available in 2C. If we are staying in 2C, do we have to abide by the 2C rules if we transport these fish into 2C from 3A? If we can legally catch a limit in 3A by the 3A rules and transport them into 2C, how we do make sure we don't get into any trouble or prove where those fish were caught?


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    Make sure you're not fishing when you get checked.
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      I would suggest contacting F&G on this as they would be the one writing the ticket. What IF's do not get you out of a ticket.
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        Fish and game don't write tickets, State Troopers do.
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          Originally posted by JR2 View Post
          Fish and game don't write tickets, State Troopers do.
          some Fish and Game people can write tickets.


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            I have heard that you are to go by the rules of the port you go into. You might have a case if you had GPS tracking and coordinates to back your story....but I am no lawyer.


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              Has nothing to do with the port your port you are in , saying that you have to prove where you have been if asked by tropper ,
              an yes most F&G can wright tickets an carry guns into the field it is there job, most don't do it but can I belive SID roud:
              they leave it for the troppers


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                Answer is don't fish in 2C once you have your 3A limit and you are fine. Happens all the time with fishing out of Seward, inside the bay and outside have different rules for Lingcod and Salmon. You can catch your Ling outside the bay and transport back into the bay, but you can't fish for any other species inside if you do that. Salmon, 6 limit inside the bay, three outside.
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                  It depends if you are talking about state or federal fish. Halibut are federal and everything else is state. Since you are talking about area 2C and 3A, I assume you are talking about halibut, since these are federal boundary areas. You cannot be over the possession limit for the area you are in. If you are transporting more than two days worth of fish for the area you are in, you cannot have fishing gear onboard.

                  (e) Halibut in excess of the possession limit in paragraph (1)(c) of this section may be possessed on a vessel that does not contain sport fishing gear, fishing rods, hand lines, or gaffs.

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