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    Making a run down to Talkeetna next weekend to see if I can scare up a king or two and wanted to pick the brains of some people in terms of tackle. I have always loved the blue fox spinners for any type of salmon but what do other people use when a basic spinner set-up won't work. If you don't mind sharing a secret, are there any so called "king killers" that are unique if tradional stuff isn't working?

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    King Lure verse presentation

    ARMO AK,

    Man I need to lay off the sugar! Any Who! I don't think it is that a Vibrex will not work or Pixie will not work at any given time or that there is naything better than anything else. Most of the time it is a matter of getting the correct presentation of what your fishing to the fish. Now that being said yes there are proven lures i.e. Pixie / Croc, Wiggle Wart / Virbex / Mepps etc..., but you must present it in the correct method and depth in order to catch fish.

    You can run a diver off a tri-swivel and bounce warts off the bottom if you have a good shore-line and proper flow if your standard Vibrex does not work.

    You can also run a slinky weight with a corky and yarn fly boucning it towards you and bringing it to the head of the fish.

    If all this seems like to much work toss a standard Spoon / Spinner up stream of the bank and or boat and bounce into the hole the fish are in. This is a proven method of catching Male Kings from Michigan to AK in rivers.

    Tight Lines and Happy Hooking!


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