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Fishing in Pigot bay

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  • Fishing in Pigot bay

    Can anyone tell me if they have had any luck fishing for halibut in Pigot bay? Want to take in laws out next weekend but they don't want to do a lot of traveling. I have tried blackstone this year with no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions or at least as close to where you have been lucky? Any help is great. Thanks.
    Also, anyone ever shrimp in there?

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    Newakcaptain, I've, fishing solo, caught several halibut in the 20lb range between Pigot and Pirate Cove this a pace that could be considered about 2 speeds slower than slow. Also have caught a few decent yellow eye, quill back and dusky rockfish with a few cod thrown into the mix. Maybe a few more lines in the water might be more inspirational to fish than my single one. I usually set up a drift towards shore starting at about 400 ft and am careful to reel up the slack as I drift up slope. When I get into a rocky bottom I usually switch to jigs and get rockfish...they will take bait also if you don't want to reel in and re deploy for the end of the drift. Never have caught anything in 100' or less in the area. I saw your other post re: shrimping...Pigot gets hit plenty hard, but if you set 300-375' on a rocky bottom as opposed to mud, you likely won't get fat but you won't get skunked, either. If the weather is decent, a nice cruise up the coast and exploring it's several bays/coves can pretty much trump the fishing.


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      Even up to 600 foot in the mud you will catch some shrimp.


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        About 10 years ago, we got a 105 lb. halibut just outside Ziegler cove. Just like any halibut fishing in the western sound, it's just a matter of soaking bait for a long time for the occasional halibut to come by.


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          My magical Pigot bay shrimping consists of 380'-420' along the edge. no matter the bottom. The biggest thing that has hurt my shrimping is other people dumping my pots into there cooler. Don't forget to catch a ton of silvers of Pigot pt too
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            Thanks for the input fellas. Appreciate it.


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