Shark takes silver from surface!



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  • Shark takes silver from surface!

    While trolling a cape for silvers and kings, we hit a pretty good bite! a triple and a couple of doubles of silvers with several kings mixed in. On one of our doubles I grabbed gaff and was walking over to the side the net was not on and heard a "slap!" and look to the other side of the boat and saw a pretty good splash and continued on to gaff the silver on the other side of the boat. When I was bleeding putting the silver int he hole I heard a bunch of commotion. The guys told me the splash was a shark that missed the silver and just as they were netting the silver a shark came from underneath the boat and took the silver head first!! just a couple of feet from the boat! has anyone had that happen?
    i had one tryn and take my halibut, but we pulled it out of the water before it could grab it.
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