Kodiak this Sunday (8/24)! Seeking advice!



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  • Kodiak this Sunday (8/24)! Seeking advice!

    First I want to thank the folks that have been taking the time to PM me and relay along some advice already. it is greatly appreciated.

    So there will be 6 of us headed to Kodiak Sunday. We are staying at a rented apt/house on Mill Bay. Staying one week.

    We all have Ocean capable kayaks and our primary target is Shallow water halibut. But frankly anything that is fishing related will do! I plan to cruise the shallows with an ultralight or a 6wt seeing what resides in the kelp beds every bit as much as trying for that barndoor. We also plan on trying for cohos and kings in the salt as well.

    We typically like to keep the one way distance out to fishing spots under 5 miles. So a lot of driving and checking out launch possibilities. We also plan on taking fly gear for weather days if we can't get out. We will have several vehicles and plan to stay on the road system.

    Fishing from a kayak requires a little different mentality since our range is limited, yet we are able to handle just abut any conditions a 24 foot power boat can handle. The team is highly experienced in offshore fishing. In fact I and another fellow Alaskan will be the two clear novices on this trip. Three of the members have landed salmon sharks off of kayaks near Cordova.

    We expect a lot of the fishing will simply be dictated by weather.

    So for those with Kodiak experience, what would you do? Got any suggestion? Thanks in advance!!

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    All your target species can be found between Woody and Long Island, which is within your range. Lots of kelp beds in there too. Silvers are just starting to show up in the rivers now. Mill Bay beach is an easy launch and Kayakers are always in there chasing silvers that are planted in the bay. Also Mission beach is an easy launch and has silvers and an easy paddle over to Woody Island. I've never fished out of a Kayak but those are places I see them launch, along with white sands and Pillar beach.

    Best of luck!!!
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      Thx Kevin! That sounds great! Say hello if you see us. Group of 6. All of us using sit on top kayaks.


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        I'm sure you don't need the reminder....but some of us are looking forward to the report and especially YOUR videos! Have enjoyed them.

        Best of luck to you all this weekend.


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          Thx carolinaboy! As long as the fish and weather cooperate, I think we should have a pretty decent report. Headed out with a crew of kayak fishing website owners and writers. I'll be the guy with the LEAST amount of "evidence recording" devices of the group... And I have two gopros and two cameras. Lol. These guys make me feel like a once a year fisherman!

          We have no clue what we are getting into as far as Kodiak, but that's half of the fun. It won't be like fishing your favorite spot that always produces. Kodiak seems huge via kayak. But I'm sure it will be epic no matter how hot or cold the fishing is!!!

          Will post as Internet and equipment allows! A few more professional articles should come out as well by the other group members.

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            Just a quick update. Fishing new spots has been tough. But thanks to helpful folks including people on this forum, we have managed a few fish.

            Leader is 61 pounds. A pretty good bite going for Halibut. I've managed limits on two of the four days. Nothing huge but 25 to 30lbs avg.

            Hers one of the decent fish. Maybe 35 pounds. One of the few pics with sunshine.

            The leading weekly fish at 61lbs caught by another kayak angler in our group.

            My personal pages...I'm not a guide.


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              Nice catches! The close cropped pic of you hoisting the halibut is a Magazine Cover Photo for sure! Well done and thanks for sharing. Keep 'em coming!


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                Wow! congratulations on a great adventure.
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                  Ya, not a bad little spot over there is it??
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                    Originally posted by Abel View Post
                    Ya, not a bad little spot over there is it??
                    Yah Baby! All of you guys here on Kodiak have been AWESOME! Its hard learning new spots, but when you can come to a place as diverse as Kodiak and hit the fish we have been fortunate enough to hit, it's really because of the local intel. Brownbear put me on a spot that I would have NEVER fished and I managed to troll up two halibut out of Kalsin after we flailed and failed day one.

                    So thanks to all of you guys..Abel, Brownbear and Kodiak Combo for making this trip just a killer adventure! Headed back out today. Amazingly we have kayak fished every day since Monday despite the variable weather!!!!


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                      Holy Moly....

                      Catching Big fish is ALWAYS fun! But to set out and accomplish the goal of breaking 100 pounds from my Kayak! I thought would take me years, makes it extra special. Hope to have a better report coming after I get back this weekend. 59.75 inches!!!!!!! 59"=103.1lbs and 60"= 108.9 lbs!!!

                      I hope to have some video and better report coming after I get back home!!!

                      Thanks again to all of the forum members from Kodiak who gave us advice. This is what I think this forum is all about!! Some gave us general to more detail locations, other gave us general advice about tides and weather. We went out and got skunked a few days, did great on others. And a lot of our groups success came from those willing to share some of that information. I CANNOT THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH!!!

                      Click image for larger version

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                        WOW, Rudy! You did it! BIG CONGRATS!

                        My yak fishing is in 70 plus degree waters...but after seeing this it sure makes me want to get a dry suit and rent a yak up there next month.

                        Hope the trip home is a safe one and looking forward very much to seeing your YT vids and pics on this trip.

                        again....way to go!



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                          Thanks Carolinaboy!! Here's a teaser until I can get back home....

                          My personal pages...I'm not a guide.


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                            Gotter done. Excellent!

                            Don't think I'll be showing my wife that little video clip though. She's sold on the kayaks after being around you guys, but her vision of fishing from them is lots tamer.
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                              Avast boys! Harpoon that whale!.......she's sounding!...............hold fast!

                              Great job, Rudy!

                              Looking forward to more and shopping for a dry suit! heh, heh. Geez, they be spendy.


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