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Best Halibut tides for Homer / Seward 2015 august

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  • Best Halibut tides for Homer / Seward 2015 august

    I am planning a trip for this time next year and have studied many posts here but would like to be refreshed. any opinions on what type of tides are best for Halibut out of Homer/Seward. I have a tide table for 8/15 and can't get much commitment from charters as to best tides. Most say just come up and take your chances. Well I don't mind taking chances, that is what fishing can be. I know that with good info. from the folks on this forum I can raise my chances of picking a better time to fish. Since a lot of charters are traveling many miles out it seems to me that tides that are either High or Low at mid-day might be best. Experienced fisherman as you all are may be able to give me some insight. I am looking at the 2nd or 3rd week or 3rd and 4th week. I will be there two weeks. Lings or feeder kings would also be a plus. I am planning to bring some meat home if possible. Knowing that the weather will be changing and the season will be near end is also a factor. Any thoughts on a trip will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Weather becomes a huge factor in Lower Cook Inlet from about the Middle of August on. Winds pick up, making fishing very uncomfortable. The less water moving on tide changes the easier the fishing, But... that doesn't make it better fishing. The tides are not as critical for Resurrection Bay as for lower Cook Inlet, in regards to volume of water moving, but the weather is still a very critical factor. (JMHO)


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      To me it seems they are about opposite of each other. Homer lower tide range seems to be what many look for while Seward the bigger the tide range the better.


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        Yep...more water movement in Seward can help. Kings are hotter earlier in the season but at Montague anything can happen. As mentioned the weather will normally be a little rougher in late August out of Seward/PWS.

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