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New and need Kenai king help

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  • New and need Kenai king help

    I'm looking for any help in choosing a spinning rod and reel to get my first king. Also some advice on lures or bait would be really appreciated

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    In my humble opinion

    Reels of choice for King fishing are level winds or bait casters, of which there are many good ones (see "favorite rod/reel for Kings" below). I use a Penn 209 on a Cabela's Kenai King 7.5' med-heavy rod. There are also several different methods of catching the big guys... back trolling, drifting, back bouncing... all good ones that produce so it's just a matter of personal preference. I have personally fished the lower Kenai for 11 years and have tried all these methods and have found that the back bouncing method works best for me. I have no problem filling my license and all who go with me when we back bounce. And it's quite a feat to maneuver the boat in the midst of the crowd! I use 20# test line with a cannon ball sinker 6-10oz, (depending on current), on a slider with a 18" leader attached below, on the leader is a large Spin-glo above a 7/0 single hook. Very effective with this technique.


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