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Halibut fishing in or near Ressurection bay

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  • Halibut fishing in or near Ressurection bay

    My friend has a 18 ft hewes craft and wants to try and target halibut out of Seward. Can anyone recommend some spots that a smaller boat can get to? I am not asking for specific waypoints, just general areas. Thanks.
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    On a good day I take my 18' hewes to Cape Junkett, but I won't recommend that for anyone else - we got skunked last time there for butts.

    Inside the bay I think that you just have to spend time soaking. I have had good fishing but very poor catching. But just ask anyone - the halibut are everywhere! They're EVERYWHERE.

    I see a lot of boats between rugged and fox soaking in 200-250 foot.


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      Chickens are easy to find in Resurrection Bay - as Bullelkkir said, soaking bait in 200-250 feet of water will find them. Try around Fox and Rugged Islands, and the Pony Cove area. An occasional bigger 'butt will surprise you. My best inside the bay is 52 lbs, but others have caught 'em much bigger.
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        Try the point off of Calisto Head. Try between Caines Head and Calisto Head 250-300'. Also try off the west side of Hive Island, 200-250' when salmon are in the bay.
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          Another place to try is the south side of Cheval the rockslide in 180'-200' of water. It can be hit and miss, but sometimes it's a great chicken patch. I've never caught anything over 15# there.
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            I would look around Porcupine cove, maybe drifting the 50 fathom edge or fish around pilot rock, there are plenty of smaller chickens around that area 230 - 300'


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              I don't keep large halibut anymore, but I've caught my fair share of large halibut off the north end of Fox following the mountain contour down until it bottoms out.
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