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Decent spots to fish or shrimp out of whittier

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  • Decent spots to fish or shrimp out of whittier

    I just bought a large boat this here recently(I say large it's a 24 foot bayliner trophy with Alaska cabin) I was curious if anyone on here could help a newbie out with maybe locations of possible good spots to shrimp and fish for Halibut. I am taking my 8 year old and some of his friends out for his birthday. Out of Whittier. I don't mind going far just want to make sure we can get into some halibut. Any help would be great and much appreciated. Not asking for coordinates or landmarks althought that would be awesome, just wanna get these young guys into some fish. Thanks again!

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    For consistent halibut you will be running all the way to the passages by Montague strait. I would target silvers closer in, except for the fact that the large numbers seem to be late out of both Whittier & Seward right now. Otherwise if you want Halibut I would try Seward or Homer.


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      Try the south end of Lone Island too. On the charts you will see a dog leg from the southern tip to the bell then it take a hard West turn. Fish the very end of that and you should do just fine for halibit.
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        Yeah AKmarmot, that's what I have been hearing as well. Was kindof hoping not to have to go that far with 4 8 year olds and 2 dads...LOL but if there is no other way. I think it will be a fun trip. If the weather holds.


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          Hey Rob, thanks. Looking on the charts, I like that a lot better then all the way to montague. I really appreciate it. I don't want ot be the dad who took the kids out and got skunked...LOL
          Again, to all on here who have helped thanks a bunch. I didn't really know what else to do. Thanks!


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            If the kids are getting skunked, go into some of the deep bays in the area and jig for rockfish. We have WAY better luck with rockfish in the Sound than halibut - and the kids have way more fun with consistent light tackle action than soaking bait for hours in hopes of a halibut. Get in 40-200 feet of water along steep drop-offs and jig metal herring jigs or something similar. We're sometimes no more than 20-30 yards offshore since it drops off so fast. If you do this darn near anywhere along the mainland, you should have good luck with a mixed bag of rockfish (copper, quillback, silvergray, some yelloweye if you get a bit deeper, and others) along with some cod, greenling, and other assorted fish. Much better option for kids, in my opinion.

            As an added bonus, such bays are going to be far more productive for shrimp than the islands. Drop the pots, jig for a couple hours, pull the pots and pop shrimp heads for a change of pace, repeat.


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              If you are intent on going out of Whittier, then there are plenty of good ideas listed here already. If I were in your shoes, I would keep Seward as an option. Lots of options for four 8 year olds to have a blast in Res Bay. Much shorter boat ride to productive fishing grounds...more than reasonable chances at halibut, silvers and pinks plus rockfish are readily available around the bay.


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