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Seward boat fire

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  • Seward boat fire

    A buddy sent me a picture of a boat that caught fire today out of Seward, didn't get any details other than one of the charter boats they were with picked two of the people out of the water.
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    Man what a bummer, scary thing
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      I was a couple miles away when it happened. I heard the radio call and looked around and saw the smoke and flames. There were several boats nearby. Someone (I assume the charter captain), called I'll be there in 30 seconds, and picked up two people. Another vessel had the third. Two fast boats near me headed that way ASAP as well. Kudos for everyone dropping what they were doing and pitching in. From radio traffic all three people were ok. The boat burned for hours, and I assume sunk. The only description of boat I heard was 21 ish fiberglass.


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        I think the boats name was the "Alaska Rose".I heard the call also but was a bit far away. I thinking it was the Mstress and the naughty girl were the boats that assisted quickly. Great job!


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