LOST in Soldotna, please help!



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  • LOST in Soldotna, please help!

    I lost a very sentimental item today fishing (actually my wife borrowed it and left it behind). It is a wooden bat about 14" long that my great grandpa made by hand and gave to me when I was 3. It is probably worth nothing to the average joe, but to me it worth the world. I didn't realize it was left behind until we started unpacking the truck back here in Eagle River.

    It was left at the fishing area (swiftwater?) off funny river road by the airport. If you live in Soldotna or know anyone that does and would be willing to go check if it is still there, I would gladly pay you $100 just for going and checking, even if it is not there anymore. I am desperate and will be jumping in in my car soon to head that way myself if I don't get any replies.

    Please call my cell at 515-371-4664 if this is something you can help me with.

    THANK YOU so much.


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    Update - I just had a very nice young man give me a call and offered to go check it out for me... fingers crossed.

    ** sorry for the duplicate post/threads


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      Hope you find it!

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      What are ya...a fisherman...or a catcherman?


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        Call the KSRM "Tradio Show" and make an announcement.


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