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weekend of 25 to 28 July- Seward or Homer from shore

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  • weekend of 25 to 28 July- Seward or Homer from shore

    Got to take GF to Gridwood that weekend for a wedding (he-- no , not me!)

    which would be better to catch some salmon from shore-

    Seward or Homer?

    Any other suggestions?

    I have been going to Valdez so much in the past--- it's been ages since went to either place.

    thanks fer any help up front..

    Disabled Vet

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    I think Seward is going to be a tough gig from shore until late August. Homer lagoon should have cohos trickling in by then. I'd think from shore, the Kenai River would have reds, silvers, pinks, and trout available. Are you looking to catch? Or fish? Food, fun, or both?

    Different opportunities but they vary widely depending on the experience you are looking for.
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      Might be some chums off Spring Creek.


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        reason to fish?

        ---a few salmon for the freezer, and get away from the hospital trip.

        also have GF and "step-son" along.

        so family time

        I'm not familar with Sprin Creek, will have to do research..



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          Ooo...chums. Not sure why they get such a bad rap. I love fishing for them!!

          I can't tell your location and obviously hard to say your knowledge about the area. So I apologize if this is known stuff.

          Just catching fish, the creek immediately after girdwood has pinks. Occasional silver. Not great fishing though. Bird cr is basically a urban fisheries with decent silvers and pinks.

          Reds should be piled into the upper Kenai along with few early silvers. Lower Kenai it will likely be good for both as well.

          If salmon catching is the plan, I'd think Russian/Kenai river is the closest fishery that gives you some diversity and quality.

          Not sure I'd drive the extra 3 plus hours just to fish in the lagoon since that's the only place in homer from shore where you have a legitimate shot.

          I'm sure there are other options out there though.

          My personal pages...I'm not a guide.


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