Kasilof river to Kenai river via river boat



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  • Kasilof river to Kenai river via river boat

    Probably not a good idea but looking for an alternative to Kenai boat launch. Perhaps launching in Kasilof and head to Kenai. Charts lists rocks. Curious if others have done this.

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    Where exactly would you launch on the Kasilof?
    I certainly wouldn't launch a prop boat at the bridge and expect to make it down the Kasilof undamaged.
    I prefer to launch at eagle rock and travel down and up from there on the Kenai. That's in a boat with a 50hp Kenai legal outboard.

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      I wouldn't be making that run in a river boat. Very shallow in close. Set nets all the way up as well. Coming into the mouth of the kenai isn't for a novice with good weather. It can get very ugly very fast. Play it safe and launch in the kenai. Either city dock or Southside at the canneries. Or up river if you are kenai legal.


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        you can do lots of things but don't know if it is a good idea the salt water part of your trip can get ruff to the point the 20 FT JOHN BOAT will not make it [ if your boat is 29 ft long ] an it is a long walk back to your car / TK SID roud:


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          I've taken my 16' river runner out of the mouth of the Kenai and back several times, it's not a big deal to me in good weather.

          Having said that, I don't think it would be worth the effort to run up from kasilof, and as mentioned above there is t a launch anyhow.

          If you have a small enough boat to beach launch, why not just dip the kasilof?

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            As what was mentioned, the problem with running up to the Kenai from the Kasilof is that it is real shallow with some major rocks all along the way. You'd really have to be out pretty far to be safe from hitting any of them......
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