My AK Yak Classic results and a Cook Inlet Halibut Question



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  • My AK Yak Classic results and a Cook Inlet Halibut Question

    So a question first. Has anyone observed the halibut in Lower Cook Inlet to be larger on average this year than say the past several years? Over the past few years, we'd be pretty stoked to land someting over 20 pounds. This year we seem to be hitting a few more fish over 30 pounds in the area. I was wondering if it was something I changed up or if others were observing the same pattern?

    So our Alaska Yak Classic was held this weekend on Lower Cook Inlet targeting halibut. We had about a dozen folks show up. I pre-fished Friday and limited out with a 30 and 40 pounder and released 4 more fish. Unfortunately the two days of the tournament, the fishing just shut down. Almost everyone caught a fish, but none were bigger than 20 pounds. On Sunday, I launch at 4:30am to catch the high slack. I only got one good strike but it turned out to be the eventual derby winner at 46" and 42 lbs.

    Ended up taking 4 fish home (20,30,40, and 42 lbs) on two half days and one full day of fishing. Didn't limit on two days partially since we were looking for the one whopper for the tournament after we kept a smaller fish.

    So the fishing until this weekend had been steller. But they are still there close in and a few of the fish are pretty nice!

    So here's a video of a few of my fish. Missed a few due to technical issues. The first half of the video is a little longer segment on the 42 pounder. if you get bored, you can skip to 2:00 of the video and that's when I harpoon it. The second half of the video is the 4 or 5 other fish I caught. Released most of them.

    Just getting started on this halibut from a kayak thing. Any advice, comments, or just observations are welcome!!!!

    Hope more folks can join us next year or even this season!

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    Simply awesome Rudy. Those were nice fish.


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      Good job Rudy! When you get the monster you might wish you had a bang stick.


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        Thanks for sharing Rudy, you really have quite a method worked out...


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          Originally posted by MGH55 View Post
          Good job Rudy! When you get the monster you might wish you had a bang stick.
          Or at the very least a bigger buoy! Way to go Rudy. My friends really enjoyed checking you out on the water!


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            Lol. Thanks all.

            Not sure firearms are in my future on an oversized piece of tupperware. Frankly I'm more afraid of blowing my leg off than a hole in the kayak!

            It's been a stellar year so far. Much better average size than the past several years. Action has been good on better than 75% of the trips I have been out. I can't believe more people don't do this. For the salmon fishing, if you didn't have a kayak, you might be at a disadvantage due to the trolling. But for halibut, it seems like any of the catacrafts, pontoons, or pack raft could do this with a little planning. Need to understand the currents and the effect wind has on your vessel. But if you could row/paddle/pedal 400 to 800 yards out, you are fishing! After reading all the threads about how tough Whittier and Seward can be for halibut even with the big powerboats ( I know they are there!!), this off the beach stuff seems pretty reliable.

            I have a week long halibut trip planned in Kodiak with some folks from the Pacific Northwest and a couple from here! I may have to try a new adventure...freezer is approaching space reserve for whitefish. So far basing most of the catch on the tables, I've managed roughly 350lbs of whole halibut or roughly 150lbs of fillets. Impressively, I think we have already gone through roughly 20 pounds of filets that we have cooked up! Dang, they are some good eats!

            Well I highly recommend!! Just think about some of the safety aspects!


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              Really good stuff Rudy...I truly enjoy watching your vids and am glad to hear your success ratio is going up.:topjob:

              Heavy Hitter Fishing

              Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle Pro-Staff


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                I could always make some freezer space available for you for if need be


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