Elfin Cove Self-Guided Trip July 11-19



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  • Elfin Cove Self-Guided Trip July 11-19

    Some friends and I are heading to Elfin Cove in a couple weeks and are hoping for some guidance. As this will be the first time to this area for all of us I have searched as many threads as I could find on the area and have gathered some great information. From what I can tell we will be there on the back end of the King run and the front end of the Silver....for Kings, would we have a better chance if we fished the inside or outside waters. Same question for the silvers this time of year. We are not afraid of burning some fuel if it means more/better fish. Also, I have read that the soapstone area is a good bet for Ling cod and to fish the pinnacles in the area.....is there a particular depth we should be looking for? I have marked a few spots using a marine chart that are in the 8-10 fathom range. Thanks in advance for you help. I will post a detailed report once we are back.

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    We were just out at Elfin last week and almost limited on kings in 5 hours of trolling. All feeders with one johnny-come-lately spawner mixed in. We were trolling just past Three Hill Island there. My buddy was in Deer Harbor a little further south and limited out. He also picked up a Ling trolling. We did pick up two coho too, so they'll probably be in thick by the time you're out there.

    My buddy told me to only run herring, but I'd recommend NOT doing that unless the bite is really slow. We were getting slammed with something every 10 minutes. Salmon, Rockfish, etc. So unless you want to be threading herring the whole **** trip, run spoons, plugs, hoochies, etc. Also, the feeder kings strike with much more fury than a spawner, so have extra gear tied up. They destroy leaders, and we had two 40lb test leaders snap.

    Also, keep in mind that the commercial king opener is July 1 for that area, so the kings might be raped out by the time you get there. I'm just not certain what you can expect in the king department given the power troller x-factor.

    The weather kicked up so we didn't get time to hit any bottom fish, but I heard that any of the mounds out there from 100' to 300' will have lings on them. I was told that if a mound is loaded with too many rockfish, to pull gear and move on to the next mound to find a Ling.

    One last thing. If you're not used to open ocean rollers, you will get seasick. All of use were about puking over the side. Thankfully someone onboard bought Dramamine which saved our trip. It takes about an hour for the Dramamine to kick in, so I'd suggest popping a pill right when you leave port to head out fishing.


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      I heard King Salmon fishing is phenomenal at Deer Harbor but Meandmatt should know that is a long way to go in a center console boat, self guided.


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        We've fished the area in late July the last three years. Our best fishing by far for Kings was the Deer Harbor area. It's a bit of a run but well worth the time if the weather is cooperating. For coho we've had great luck at Three Hill Island; but as one veteran warned on the site , be careful on the flood especially if the wind's blowing in. It will set you on the beach in no time.


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