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  • Shrimp pots

    Could someone let me know about the best and possible lowest in price for shrimp pots? Round? Square?
    Reliable brand? Thank you.

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    there is a forum member here who goes by the name potbuilder. I will give you one guess what he makes.


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      Potbuilder # is 775-1692.
      BK Marine Services 232-6399
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        One thing to consider is the size of your boat and how/where you'll transport them. I don't think we'll ever get a consensus on round vs. sq. but I'd say the two options to consider are Steve's square pots, and the round Ladner pots. I've used Ladners for several seasons I find they are effective for catching shrimp and they stack nicely and I can toss them in my inflatable I carry on top of my pilothouse to keep them out of the way. I did manage to loose one last year and will likely replace it with one of Steves collapsable pots, so I can see what I'm missing

        Pots are just a small part of the expense (puller, lines, buoys) and I'd say there really isn't that much price difference between the various brands though some of the ones carried by the large outdoor stores appear to me less durable, and in some cases more expensive.
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          Another vote for Steve the pot guru. Best shrimp catchers around....
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            Another vote for Steve's pots and gear. I run his collapsible pots and they are great as I have a tiny boat. His bait has work great for me as well.


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              Wonderful!! Really appreciate it. I have a smaller boat. It's a 19 1/2 Alumaweld Stryker. I'm wanting to attach the puller to my Scotty basemount from my downriggers. Few feet from the back. I will keep researching on regulations and only get what I need for my family. The collapsible ones sound brilliant. I will give Mr. Steve a call, sounds like he'll hook me up. You guys are awesome and really appreciate this forum. Much gratitude for the feedback.


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                If i ain't got it you don't need it !! when it comes to shrimpin' gear that is. Come on out to the potbarn and see what i have to offer,no pressure, if ya don't like what ya see no hard feelings. Steve 775-1692. Thanks for the referrals guys much appreciated !!
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                  I most definatley will sir, thank you!! roud:


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