Shotgun cove anchorage?



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  • Shotgun cove anchorage?

    Are there any good places in Shotgun Cove to anchor overnight? I know there are some buoys there, but I'm staying away from them.

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    Up near the head of the cove. We've spent a few nights in there on the hook, either late Friday when it was getting too dark to continue further out after launching, or Sunday nights when it was windy and I didn't want to deal with handling our boat in a crowded harbor with a stiff breeze blowing everybody around. One night, the wind was so bad I almost go seasick at anchor in Shotgun. We were wipping around on the line pretty good at times but the anchor held fine.


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      In the North East corner as you pass the big bouy, by the wreck is a great spot, especially when there is a north east wind. We spent 2 nights there a few weeks ago when there was a strong noreasterly front the whole weekend. Water like glass and a good bottom to hold to. You do get some occasional rocking from passers by, but not much.
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        I've anchored in the head of the cove several times. Lots of kelp so make sure your anchor is set. It seems like it takes me a couple of times to get the anchor to bite.
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