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  • Charter recommendations for large groups

    We are looking to book a charter for a large (12+) group of people during July or August. Open to going out from any location, just want to go out on a good fishing tide and be able to be taken to where there is some good fishing, not just a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am at the chicken hole. Does anyone have any good recommendations?

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    Unfortunately the larger boats by definition tend to hit the chicken holes in order to get everyone their limit of fish in a day. I'd suggest looking for a combo silver and halibut trip as honestly the silvers are a lot more fun to catch than halibut.

    The last time I was out on a large group charter was out of Seward that has been around awhile, run's a pair of delta's whose names both start with L and I wasn't terribly impressed with the effort they put forth. They basically dropped anchor in front of Montague, sat on the hook for most of the day and a bite never materialized. They stopped by a chicken hole on the way back, which was infested with dogfish and after a few hookups said oh well and headed back. I think of the 15 people on the boat less than a dozen halibut were landed, a couple of lings and maybe a handful of silvers and rock fish.

    That was quite a few years ago and maybe they've picked up their game since then.
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      Millers Landing has a 16 pax landing craft that can do 12 people and will customize a trip for you group. Give Chance Miller a call.


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        Crackerjack Charters in Seward. 14 of us are going out on Saturday!!


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          Try Northcountry in Homer. Shawn does a good job.


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            Silverfox in Homer has treated us well in the past. They can take a group up to 16 folks.


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              X 2 for Crackerjack. I walked by thief 15 passenger boat "Voyager" last week... Roomy , great looking ride, and Andy is as good as they come.

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                I gone with North Country out of Homer in august and brought home silvers and halibut and had good trips.


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                  Highly recomend Saltwater Safari Company out of seward. They work their butts off to put you on the nicest fish possible
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