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  • Best area to live around Kenai

    I will be moving from Anchorage to The Kenai area very soon. I will be working about hallway between Nikiski and Kenai and would like to be in a good location close to launching spots for my 15' zodiac and also be able to ride our sleds from the house. What do you guys think? Will I need to be down south towards Homer to have quick access to beach launching? Thanks in advance for the help. I cant wait to get out of this city!

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    Sounds like Kasilof, South Soldotna or Southern KBeach is for you, then. Clam Gulch would offer you quickest access to the Caribou Hills via snow machine trails, but that's a decent drive to where you'll be working.
    What is the purpose for launching your zodiac? Fishing?

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      Ok that sounds good. Yes just fishing, I have been wanting to fish the inlet for years and now that I will live there I will finally be able to.


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        Then I'd say your best suited for South K-Beach. Still, at that, to get to the halibut, you're still a good clip from the fishing, even if you launch out of the Kasilof. I know fish can be had off the Kenai beaches, but it's far from a productive area.


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