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Vibrax vs Spin-N-Glo

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  • Vibrax vs Spin-N-Glo

    What's your favorite set up for kings? Vibrax, S&G, S&G with eggs, eggs alone on a bobber, etc. etc. Just curious what most people say. I personally like orange/brass vibrax in clearer waters and S&G with eggs (if allowed) in the muddier/silty waters. What say you?
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    This season I've been using a bead and two corky setup, one blue/green corky and one metallic blue. Now that the kings are in I'm getting one every time I go out. I'm about to go out again!


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      a little complicated.....

      I tie up a rig with a sliding egg sinker about 14-18" above the hooks. I use a medium sized spin-n-glo or cheater, a bead or corky (keeps the spin-n-glo spinning instead of getting wedged on the hook eye), then I snell a hook onto the line. I don't snell the first hook directly to the line, but tie it as a slider then pull the main line down and snell another as a trailing hook. On the slider I will usually tie in a piece of "cotton candy" yarn. This set up leaves an egg loop on the sliding hook and the trailer will usually get shy fish that are just "sniffing" the rig. The sliding weight is important to feel those timid fish as well.

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        Tom has it

        I use what tom is using. 5/0 gamakatsu hooks with egg loops in case bait is open. then a couple of corkies on top of that. Spin-n-glows work good but if you get caught with another angler it's just too much of a hassel to get unwound. Plus sometimes there is hard feelings when someones line needs to get cut due to an impenetrable tangle.
        Just my .02


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