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Penn Fathom-Master 825/835 downrigger issues

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  • Penn Fathom-Master 825/835 downrigger issues

    I have three of these downriggers and one kind of works after I wiggle the plug some. Seems as though most of the issue is electrical connnections. Does anyone have any experience taking these apart and cleaning all the contacts/conections etc? I haven't tackled them yet and thought I would ask before I dive in.

    On the other two, one I hear the tone but then nothing, and the last one (835) I get nothing when I plug it in. I guess another question would be, do we have anyone in Anchorage that works on these?

    Thanks for the help.

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    I do not know where to get repairs in your area. Maybe this info will help.
    I buy all my Penn parts from:
    Check out there site, give them a call.


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      Here is another site that may help;
      I have sent some of my non Penn reels to Alan Tani for repair or modification.
      He is real good a figuring out problems.
      Maybe he can help.


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        I don't know if this will help, I was told Performance RV on Arctic works on downriggers.
        If you have corrosion problem in the connectors replace them.
        I've not had good luck cleaning them.


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          Thanks guys. I took all three apart last night. Really not a big deal, however all of them has a little bit of oil inside the case. I know the gear box has oil in it, so I am wondering if I had an issue with that? Not sure but I am headed down to Seward tomorrow and I'll see how it works out. I did also clean all the plugs with elec cleaner & a small wire brush - worked out pretty well, so we'll see.


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            Suggestion on your electrical connections. Apply a little dielectric grease on all the connections. Helps conductivity and helps stop corrosion. Sometimes that electronic cleaner can remove the special varnish the manufacturer applies for corrosion control.


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