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Special rig setup for Homer hole kings

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  • Special rig setup for Homer hole kings

    I've seen somewhere a description for a rigging setup that works exceptionally well for kings in the Homer fishing hole, but can't find the description. I found something on another forum that says you attach a bobber to the end of your line, then about two feet from the end of the line you drop a line that has a fly or hook w/eggs. Wondering if that's the setup I've heard about. If it is, then there's no mention of using a weight anywhere. Anybody.....................?

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    Slackwater setup

    Attach your bobber at the END of the fishing line. Two feet up the line attach your fly or hook. No sinker needed. Cast your line out about 30 feet or so, and lower your rod tip into the water a foot or so. Reel in your line to get rid of slack and let your bobber sit. Watch your bobber for any indication. I used this method for silvers last year. I think flourocarbon line would have worked better because the fish stuck in the hole got smart fast, and would begin avoiding the line. Hope this helps.


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      Thanks. So the fly goes directly on the main line and not on a piece of line that hangs down from the main line? Is there a special knot that would work best for attaching the fly, or other method of attachement?


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        Since when did this glorified snagging technique deserve that title?

        Snagger-bobbin' = bobber-snaggin'... yeah it's all good... whatever!?
        "Let every angler who loves to fish think what it would mean to him to find the fish were gone." Zane Grey
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          The word "special" was in reference not to the method, but to the knot. You know knot? Like knothead. Get it?


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            until they open the hole for snagging...

            the "special" method is snagging.
            you know it, i know it, the troopers know it...but technically if the hook is in the mouth it is a legal i guess it is okay then...right???
            nothing i would be proud of doing or willing to pass on to my kid...
            Alaska Board of Game 2015 tour... "Kicking the can down the road"


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              Now, now, boys y'all be polite or somebody'll bring up the ethics of catch-and-release here.

              Snagging, c&r, trophy fishin', big-fish-rush we've all got things we will or won't be proud to see passed on to the next generation.


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                Setting the record straight

                I don't know why I'm even posting this, because I suppose it's really nobody's business, but....
                I'd read about a method of catching kings a while back (last year) on another reputable forum. Thought I'd ask around about it and what I've read recently sounds like that was probably it. I was surprised the setup was what it did sound like snagging. So I asked more questions, undecided about whether or not this supposed legal form of fishing was something I wanted to do. I have never caught a fish snagging or even attempted to. Every fish I have ever foul hooked, including times when no one else was within sight, I let go including some nice kings.
                I was concerned that if I used this method that it might be interpreted as snagging, and that would not be the impression that I would want to give. Personally, I don't like snaggers and others who don't play by the rules. I suppose that if people on this forum would have simply stated that they believed that this was snagging, I would have appreciated the input. But seems like I hit a nerve and some can't help but to get all up in arms and rant. So if you feel like ranting, then rant on.


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                  Just curious where everyone stands on the issue of bow or spear fishing for pike?


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                    Homer technique

                    I for one hope they do not outlaw the lining technique at the Spit. I do hope they crack down on the people that do rip their bare hooks through the water and take more then their share. I have seen people taking more than their limit by immeditially running the fish to the car and put it in a cooler and come back to catch more than two. I know they could be proxy fishing, but on more than one occasion I have seen folks take 5+ fish down there. Next time you are there, also watch and see how many folks write their catch on there harvest card or liscense - Not many.
                    Now for what I enjoy about the technique. It cannot be compared to the combat harvest that happens at low tide on Ship or in the Russian river. You have to figure the correct depth to place the hook below the bobber as well as line depth below the water. And those fish are smart, this technique really only works with line less than 10lb test and must be green. I personnally use 6lb test. You must let the fish line himself and let him bring the hook to his mouth. This is where the guys pulling the hook to the fish are making the biggest appearance of snagging. Also, the hook must be baited, folks fishing with just plain hooks are snagging. Just putting a piece of yarn on the hook will cover you legally as a lure and not a bare hook that is snagging. The thrill of fighting a 20-30lb fish on 6lb test is great. I avoid fishing between 9-5 because forget landing one with all the people. Fish early and fish late, early is better. With the daylight we enjoy this time of the year, fishing at 5 AM provides you plenty of room to enjoy a fight of a lifetime. I may harvest one or two a year from there, but will catch and release dozens. You should see the looks you get when you release a dime bright 25 lb King.
                    Just my .02


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                      Originally posted by Treetop-flyer12
                      I may harvest one or two a year from there, but will catch and release dozens. You should see the looks you get when you release a dime bright 25 lb King.
                      Reminds me of something I read in "Fish Alaska" magazine some time back: "During my best day on the Aniak last year I hooked and landed 49 chinook salmon. My body and equipment are simply torn up after a day like that."

                      An ADF&G study found the mortality rate of caught and released Kenai kings was 7.8% or one in 12.


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                        Good reason

                        I am familiar with high mortality rates among any species of fish released if care is not taken by the fisherman. This is a good reason to do this in Homer as they are not going to spawn and all will be harvested when state allows snagging to clean up the hole. I would not do this in any AK river or stream, say like the steelhead fishermen. Then again the fish are not congragated in numbers like they are in the Spit. We have to remember that spit is a man-made commercial asset for the city of Homer.


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                          Results of Homer fishing hole weekend

                          Fished a few hours at the fishing hole last weekend. Very few fish being brought in. Not having fished at the hole for a few years, I was surprised to see that the majority of the people were using the legal "snagging" method mentioned earlier in this thread. I saw maybe 8 or so kings brought to shore. All were hooked using the snagging method and every one, with the exception of maybe one of the eight, were foul hooked. Fortunately, those were released, though one was hauled out on shore, had the hook practically ripped from its side, and then kicked back into the water. Some people just don't get it.
                          It was obvious that some people were waiting until they'd see the king swim by (could see the fish or the wake) and then they'd yank and try to snag it. It was just so obvious what they were trying to do. Anyway, I fished with a vibrax. No hits, but also no snags. Did see one person get one on and then lose it using a herring under a bobber.


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