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Biggest Pike I have ever seen!

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  • Biggest Pike I have ever seen!

    I was in Nondalton on business last week and saw this picture at the lodge I was staying at. The guy said that they were doing whitefish counts and the couldn't figure out why the net kept breaking and tearing apart. Finally they were able to pull in this lunker, which was eating the whitefish like crazy. The guy said it was over 50 lbs. I need to get me one of those!

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    that thing is huge, I would like one as well


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      I had a fishing magazine a few years ago that showed a guide in Canada somewhere that fished soley for large-ass pike like that. I saw some 60-70 pounders in that magazine so they are common, but I wouldn't want to pull one like that out of Fire Lake!!!
      Yesterday I ran into an Old Girlfriend and I thought I missed her...
      So I backed up and hit her again, ya know sometimes I really do miss her!!


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        sign me up to fish there!


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          What a great Northern! Thank's for sharing.

          Fish Alaska had an article on Northern's in AK, featured Larry Dahlburg (spelling?) host of ESPN's "The Hunt For Big Fish".........He said the next world record Northern Pike to come out of Alaska. Much of the best Pike fishing in AK is very remote and the logistic's can be difficult and expensive, in these area's the Pike fishing is virtually untapped!

          Spanman, not to call you out or anyting like that, but I don't think 60-70 lb Northern Pike are common anywhere, many of the Provincial record's are in the 30-40 lb range, similar to the AK State record.........Here's a link to a list of some record Pike.

          Hope the link work's-Ron.........It doesn't work, looks like it was too long???? Google world record pike and it's the third down, has the IGFA WR Pike @ 55lbs 1oz caught in germany


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            Mabey not but as a Fisherman I have to embellish!!! It was a few years back when I read it AND I have been wrong before (I'll prob be wrong again soon) so no big deal. I'll try to find that article in the heap.
            Yesterday I ran into an Old Girlfriend and I thought I missed her...
            So I backed up and hit her again, ya know sometimes I really do miss her!!


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              Wow, that's a gator!

              Wow! That’s my kind of pike. I know a lot of guys don’t like to fish for pike but I have a cabin in the Noatak Drainage and the lakes and sloughs have some great pike holes. I love to fish for these guys because they are great fighters.

              2 years ago I was doing a 6 day float down the Squirrel which dumps into the Kobuk at Kiana. The Grayling fishing was outstanding and I was catching lots of 18+ inchers and even caught 2 over 22 inches. We came across a large slough between the No Name River that had a current so I stuck my 12 foot Avon to check it out. After a short float we found a huge hole that had large logs sunk about 10 feet down. I was fishing with a 6 wt spinning rod loaded with spider wire . I tossed on a #1 red and white Mep and preceded to cast and retrieve it across the “Logs” About the 3rd cast “Wam”, one of those “logs” hit my Mep like a hammer. I worked that Pike for about 10 minutes and it proceeded to drag my Avon back up the slough! After about 10 minutes Igot that guy to the surface and its mouth looked like a pissed off chain saw. My wife was smart enough to remind me that we still had 3+ days to float and we could not afford a ripped raft this far back in the wilderness. So I cut him loose.

              I estimate that it was in excess of 45 inches and guess it was near 36-38 pounds. What a stud! I wish I could have landed that one. IN the next 2 days I caught over 15 Pike in the 25+ inch range but from the bank, no damaged rafts for me!

              One mans Fish Tale!



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                Great story, northwest! Unfortunately, I am not allowed to fish while I am out in the field working, so I don't get a chance to catch one of these for myself. But at least I get to find out where some of their great fishing holes are, in case I ever make it back out there on my own time. Sorry guys, I don't fish and tell. Actually I am not allowed to say where they fish (another work rule).


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                  Monster Pike

                  Spanman, I believe that Pike in the 60+lb range have been caught and are swimming in the better waters for the species, maybe with someone can dredge up some more info on these overlooked gamefish!

                  Many "trophy" fish are caught by the resident's of very remote communities (both AK and Canada) where the fish are relied and looked upon as a source of protien rather than sport, thus are rarely photographed much less weighed on a "certified" scale.

                  Here's a link to a picture of one of these mythical monster's-
                  Using the same 2x4 in the pick and factoring in the 3.5" dimintional width and a slide scale I came up with 66.5".........more than likely that Pike weighed over 45lbs and it's quite possible it was over 50lbs.......We will never know for sure!



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