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Where do the Copper River silvers go?

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  • Where do the Copper River silvers go?

    Can anybody point me towards a link with information as to silver salmon count on the Copper River and the known rivers (tributaries that the coho salmon spawn)?

    Ie: A couple of us at work were discussing the different rivers that the chinook and the sockeye inhabit, but none of us had any knowledge as to where the silvers inhabit. And do they count the silvers in the Copper as they do the reds and the kings?

    Thanks for the info.

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    i'm pretty sure they go up the klutina and the gulkana; but somebody might come along and correct me.


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      Never saw any silvers up the Gulkana, but I have always fished above Sourdough.

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        No silvers in the gulkana

        No, I don't think the silvers make it into the Gulkana. I've fished that quite a bit over the years for reds and kings, but have never seen a silver there.


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          Cooper River Silvers

          Call the ADF&G Office in Cordova and they can tell you. I used to live in Cordova and fish the sloughs and rivers along the coast. Pretty much every slough, creek and river along the coast has silvers that run up them and the fish will run from some time in August up and into mid winter in some spots. Check with Fish & Game, I don't know how far up the actual Copper that they do run.


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            Lots of Places But

            The easiest access for silvers is where the Slana dumps into the Copper. Lots of silvers go in there.
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              Martin River, for example

              Martin River, for example, has lots and lots of silvers in it, although you have to fly into Martin Lake.


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                No on Gulkana and Klutina Yes to Tonsina

                Sorry folk's no Silvers in the Gulkana and or Klutina however the Tonsina has Silvers down the road a bit.



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                  silvers in copper basin

                  Tonsina and Little Tonsina are the primary with their tribs also having silvers. I have heard that a trib to the Tazlina carries some silvers. Any in the Gulkana and Klutina probably made a wrong turn!


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