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    Looking at taking my son king fishing before he leaves for boot camp so i thought i'd see how the fishing is going on the Kasilof River. I've already contacted one guide but I'm open to any other recommendations too. I am also taking my wife so there will be 3 of us.

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    Like normal salmon fishing, there's good and bad days on the Kasilof, but overall it's been fairly decent lately...with a few outstanding periods.
    There's lots of good charters on the Kasilof, I've never fished with one, but if I were going to, here's a few I'd look at:

    1. Bob Ball with Piscatorial Pursuits (he posts on here every now and then too) he guides exclusively on the Kasilof during the summer and is definitely one of the guys "in the know" of what's working and what isn't down there.

    2. Mark Glassmaker - another experienced guide and a class act. One of his clients had a fish on that was hanging around the boat and then made fast run upriver and across our lines as we were trying to get them out of the way. We cut our lines quickly, but they still lost the fish. Felt pretty bad about that as it was a fairly slow day, but he never chewed us out...at least not loud enough for us to hear.

    3. Nate Corr - runs the "Salmon Chaser" boat, nice personable guy, not positive, but think he fishes the Kasilof exclusively too.

    There's a lot of good, friendly guides on the Kasilof, these are the first three that pop to mind, that if I were going to shell out the bucks for a charter, that'd I'd be looking at fishing with.


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      Thanks for the info akfishinguy, Bob is the one I sent an e-mail to earlier today. He does seem to have a ton of experience on the Kasilof.


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        Thanks for the rec akfishnguy

        Nate actually runs a lot of our 2nd and 3rd boat stuff for us. Our second guide, Dean, is actually Kasilof-only as well and actually has even more full-time status on the river than I. he's the current old-timer of consectutive Kasilof-only years, I follow by a couple of years behind.

        Nate & Mark are good eggs ... Nate does fish the Kenai more later in the year, but tends to stay on the Ditch throughout the entire early season.

        Fishing remains quite good, but should start tapering before too much longer for the first-run of fish, then the "big boys" will be next in line!


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          Nate Corr

          I fished with Nate on the Kenai (drift boat) in two different years and came away with fish both times. In my opinion he is one of the better guides around.


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            I was fishing off the bank at Crooked Creek yesterday and was very impressed with the number of fish that were hooked. It seemed like someone was walking by with a fish on at least every 15 minutes. The run looked to be going strong to me. Some of the driftboats just stopped to watch the shoreline madness.


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              What oufit does he guide for, my options for the Kasilof are nil so now i'm looking at fishing the Kenai.


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                Nate Corr Phone

                I think this is a good phone for him (907)262-9681


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