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  • Military guy needs help to make dream come true

    Howdy all,

    I have been in the Air Force for 23 years now and just got back from a deployment in Kuwait. Here's the deal. I was able to save some money while in Kuwait and this year is my parents 50th wedding anniversary. My dad (68) has always dreamed to go fishing in Alaska, so I decided to take them to Juneau with the money I saved. We picked Juneau so my mom would have a good time too. We are scheduled to depart for Juneau on June 21 and depart June 29.

    My dad and I like to fish salt and fresh water. He would love to catch some fish in one of the rivers or streams, but I will not have the money to hire a guide. Can anyone give me some suggestions on areas accessable from the road system for the streams? Also, what kind of fish we could expect to catch and what lures to use for spinning outfits?

    Are there any saltwater shore spots that we could catch something? What bait to use?

    Also, we would like to go on a charter/head boat for halibut and/or Salmon, so does anyone have suggestions for a charter that is good? You can email me at

    Thanks in advance!


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    Have you checked the military operation in Seward?

    From what I remember it used to be very reasonable and your family members can stay as well. They have fishing, lodging etc

    Thanks for serving!



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      Being a 34 yr Juneau resident I can offer you the following advice:

      Saltwater Shore Fishing - The kings will be coming into the DIPAC hatchery as well as the Fish Cr ponds. There may also be some pinks and chums showing up. You can snag at he Hatchery and the ponds. Good king fishing in lower Fish Cr below the ponds

      All the estuaries (Sheep Cr, Fish Cr, Salmon Cr, Eagle River, et. al.) will have good shore casting for dollies, pinks and chums.

      Saltwater Boat Fishing - I'd book thru Juneau Sportfishing for a 1/2 day charter 586-1887) They handle most of the charter fleet bookings. Try to get on with Ole Bartness or Mike Bethers. The terminal area (10 minute run from Auke Bay) should be red hot for Kings. I wouldn't bother with Halibut, but you could. A full day charter would be best for this, but spendy.

      Freshwater Fishing. No too many salmon or trout in the streams at this time. You could go flyfishing for sockeye in Windfall Cr. It's a pretty good hike in (2-3 miles) and only open Wed and Sat. I'd stick with shore casting near estuaries.

      I personally like a 1/2 oz Luhr Jensen Krocodile for all my shore casting needs. Pixies are also quite popular as well as Klawock spinners (treble hooks) where snagging is allowed.

      PM me if you need more specifics. I have some pretty good road spot suggestions that are scenic and out of the way.

      On the toursit side - Juneau is a tourist's Disneyland. Do the Mt. Roberts Tram, the Glacier, the State Museum and the hatchery tour. They just put in new saltwater aquariums at the hatchery. If there is a nice sunny day, definately do the tram ride.



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        Too many distractions, Sorry I missed the Juneau part.



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