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  • New and need King help

    Hello, I'm new to King fishing and could use help in bait/lures and spinning rod size and line weight. Any help will be appreciated

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    Kings, kings, kings

    Well, I'm sorry but it's just not that easy. Absolutely must know where you plan to fish kings. Regulations vary from fishery to fishery, and from season to season. Good king fishing now to be had in MatSu area rivers, and many guides are using mag-worts because they have little beads inside that rattle in the dark turbid water. Give us some more info.
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      King Salmon Fishing...

      or Chinook, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, is the largest of the salmonoid family of andromous fish & can reach upwards to 100 lbs, with the state record on rod & reel being 97lbs. With that, you will need heavy duty equpiment, much like the Bucyrus-Mcormick rigs, with 12 gauge or higher cabling, stainless steel leaders, & of course, 12 gauge or higher nice sharpe iron rebar treble hooks you see in mining operations. Me personally, I would want the largest BM rigs you can purchase, if you cannot afford the largest, then settle for less, try a nice sturdy Shakespere, & an ocean reel, I like Diawa, that can fit 30lb+ test, for up 2 150yds. I also like to use pixies, but it would depend variably on where you fish as to what lures u want, like cloudy silty water, pixies wouldn't work too well, but a nice rattler would. You will need a nice sized hook, in the size 1-2 or 3, me I like to switch them out to single Gamakatsu, or Mustad. The hooks that come on store bought tackle aren't worth the money you spend on them...some people buy just single hooks, chartruse or hot flourescent colored yarn, some cork balls, & beads & drift fish in that manner. You will also need some large sinkers, best would be the rubbered line sinkers, as the round ones slip off too easy. Remember, always have a nice large net too, as these hawgs are god aweful large! You won't believe it until you see it...
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        Kenai Kings

        I'm going to the Kenai in July. I'm also wondering if that might be a good time for Rainbow's and Dollys


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