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This Weekend Big Butt

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  • This Weekend Big Butt

    Normally, I'd let a fish this size go, but junior pulled it in and wanted to keep it. Gave me and my buddy a chance to practice our landing technique and we got the o.k. to pose with his fish.

    The tape measured it at 73" and the halibut chart in the tide book says 206# live weight. I'm guessing that's pretty close. Too bad ADF&G considers a trophy to be 250#.

    I don't have a harpoon on the boat, but had my .44 loaded for bears. Usually I have a few .44 Spl loads with a 240 gr lead SWC for dispatching big butts. We did it with a shark hook in the mouth and a tail loop, then dragged it to shore for fotos and filleting. 'Twas a warm weekend - good thing for free glacier ice.

    I recall now why I don't like the big ones for table fare. In the process of filleting and handling, the sheer weight of the fillets tend to rip/loosen the large muscles grains. In addition, I find the big ones to be tougher and grainer. But them cheeks were sure good.


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    Nice Fish!!!!
    Living the Alaskan Dream
    Gary Keller
    Anchorage, AK


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      Nice Fish!!!!

      Hey, that's a big halibut and that looks like the north end of perry island. Good to know the fish are starting to show up.


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        Beautiful picture..

        That last picture with the boy is fantastic...calm waters, blue sky, a BIG fish and one happy kid...what a great pic. Congrats.


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