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  • Hope you enjoy my story

    With everyone posting about kings & all, I just have to share you my story, & this is a true, god to honest story...

    "Pixies work!" I said as I was telling this to the cheechako from Washington, just sitting on the bank, watching all four of us, tempting fate, in the Seward Harbor, waiting, wanting, KINGS...

    It had been the third hour in the freezing cold waters of Resurrection Bay. & the action was a cold the bay itself...nothing...I had nothing, except a small rock fish that I snagged in the gill...poor guy, as I released him, I swear I could hear a few choice words being spit at me, as he swam away. Other than that it was seaweed fish. Every other cast!

    The tide was coming in, slowly, but it was coming in. So I held my hopes. As the tide came in, I saw more & more people coming, some where's, around four more people to the culverts to snag, or casting and retrieving.

    One was the cheechako from Washington...He wore a camo Ducks unlimited hat, and a camo jacket as well...he kept an eye on me, and engaged in small talk with other would be anglers. I found he was waiting for his father, as he & his father were up here to go fishing.

    From what I gathered, he was waiting for his father for the license and king stamp that he was financing him, and his father hadn't showed up. That is why, he was just watching...looking like a sideline armchair quarterback.

    He told me of all the kings that he caught in the Columbia and asked me what I liked to use, I told him pixies work. The ever engaging conversation, grew more interesting, so I stood up on the bank with him as the water was getting higher and higher.

    He noticed that the tide washed my tackle box and spilled the contents on the shore. I thanked him for letting me know, and I picked up my belongings and stood next to him.

    Casting out once or twice, I was telling him that I prefer Pixies, over any other tackle. I felt a snag, and jerked my line, I noticed that it looked like another clump of seaweed on the end of the line. Boy was I mad! That's when it happened. Cheechako noticed before I did, The moment of truth! The king, a rather large one, jumped out of the water and splashed a large splash! I immediately yelled "FISH ON!" and was a hooting and a hollerin! I was confident that I was going to land this hawg, cuz I hooked him only a few feet from the shore.

    Visions of smoked salmon, Salmon Pie, Barbecued Salmon, and Smoked salmon sandwiches raced through my head, as I was reeling in this torpedo! I was maneuvering to the tide line, and I as I did, the unthinkable happened!

    All the while, Mr. Cheechako is telling me, no yelling @ me, instructions on how to land this sea hog! "Loosen the drag! Don't hold the line taught!" "Someone get a net!" "holy cow u see how big he is? He must be @ least 30 lbs!" I saw someone race to the truck as I walked to the tide line. All the while I was engaged in an obstacle course of boulders trying to get to the water.

    I don't know, but it may have been a cheep design, but it was a new pole & reel, just bought it two seasons ago for my fiancée. It could be that my new work out regimen was really working and I was really that strong. It could have been just a big lunker, as the Cheechako noted, or a combination of all three. But my reel broke! The Handle On My Reel Broke! Here I am, with the first king salmon of the 2002 season, and my reel breaks!!!!

    I must have looked like Gilligan, or something, but I was trying to keep the king on my line, and trying to figure out how to land this, let alone a broken reel, and no handle to reel him in!

    The fish, as I loosened the drag as the Cheechako commanded me to do, started to run out to the sea, trying to escape my smoker! I was worried, no panicked...I didn't know what to do! I was hoping that the king would tire out quick, then all I would have to do is pull him near shore and net him.

    But alas, the Salmon gods shined on this big elephant! He grew some fingers, and an opposable thumb and let himself go, as he pulled the hook out of his mouth, and swam away. How do I know he grew some fingers? I saw him flipping me the bird as he laughed all the way to the sea!

    I sat on the shore, dejected and lost...hoping against all hope, that when I find my fish with a hand grown on its body, I know I will have my redemption! I have a pixie with his name on it...

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    Writing 101

    Amusing. Keep writing.
    "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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      Why things went wrong

      Good story. Sorry about the fish.

      I see what the problem was. Now, we all know that we buy the best fishing gear for ourselves and we buy the less-than-best fishing gear for others (in your case, your fiancee). You shouldn't have been fishing with the gear you bought for your fiancee


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