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    I have the opportunity to go down to Kodiak this summer and fish for silvers. I will be going to the Pasagshak bay and Saltery cove areas. Any idea what the run timing should be? Everything seams to be running late this year, so I know it will be a crap shoot at best.
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    Normally they start showing up the first part of August, but good luck catching them then. The pinks choke all the rivers down here and you can't get a hook through without hooking one. The end of August is when they start showing up in decent numbers and the pinks are starting to spawn out. I usually start trying for them around Labor day and fish them through to the first part of October. The fresh fish are pretty much done after the second week of Oct.


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      Summer Silvers on the Emerald Isle...

      I consider a charter at sea the most productive way to load up during Kodiak's dog days of heat and moderate percipitation. The silvers are all over and only compliment the bottom catch, which is also all over. Posession amounts are generous, and as a summer angler you'll clean clock with them.

      Fall is the time of the rivers, and those in know schedule in after September 15th when ADF&G opens everthing up.

      The local's are experts in mining these fish. I have seen them use a stout grouper pole loaded with heavy test line and baited hook to wail the dailights out of them in constricted areas where conventional play would be an impossibility. Sporting? Well, not very, but perfectly legal when you are on the search for the mother lode...
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        Alaskan Author is right on. July and early August are the time to be out in the salt. The silvers are stacked up and you can run into a king or too. I had family up last July and they wanted halibut, but the day we could go was way to nasty to be out in the open. We ended up fishing around the islands by town and 4 of us took 3 kings, 13 silvers, and 4 halibut. Biggest king went 40lbs and the biggest halibut was 35lbs. Not huge but very respectable for a day we almost didn't go because of the weather.
        I'd say the only river you may run into crowded conditions on is Pasagshak. Still nothing like the Kenai, but to me another angler within 20 feet is crowded. For silvers in the rivers I use a mid weight spinning rod/reel with 12-14lb test. No need for the heavy gear, because you have the room to fight them. Good luck and shoot me a PM before you come and I'll try to give you an update on conditions.


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