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Charter company fuel fee - scam

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  • Charter company fuel fee - scam

    I just wanted to give the readers of this forum a heads up so they don't make the same mistake as I did.

    In March 2006, I contracted to take 6 people out on a fishing trip with <a charter fishing company on the Kenai>. We agreed on a price and I sent full payment. In May I called and asked if I could add 7 more people (total of 13). They agreed and again I paid in-full in advance. I got a confirmation in the mail.

    Now it is 2 days before our fishing trip. I got a call from <the owner's wife> saying she wanted an additional $15 per person to cover fuel costs. I told her we already paid in full, but she said "Too bad. You can either pay the additional $195.00 or not go."

    I chose to not go and contracted with another company to do the trip.

    I want everyone to know about the unscrupulous business practices of <this company>. Never did they mention that they are now collecting a fuel fee (additional profit) until two days before the trip. <The owner's wife> told me that they have just been asking people to pay as they boarded the boat. So if you think the fee is unfair, you have no option other than to not go.

    I understand that fuel prices have increased and the boats have to make up for it some how. But the practice of accepting your payment and later surprising you with an additional fee is, in my opinion, illegal, unscrupulous and immoral.

    Don't book with <name removed>. They tried to scam me.

    Note from webmaster: negative comments are not permitted. See rule 7 in the forum rules (FAQ)

    We removed the company name, but the issue is a good one for fishermen to be aware of, so we have retained the message. In these days of rapidly increasing fuel prices, it may be important to check with your charter company to find out how they are dealing with this.
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    thanks for the info.

    that's interesting , charging at the last minute.
    what a rip


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      &lt;A charter company on the Kenai&gt;

      That stinks. I have heard mostly only negatives about them since I moved to <the Kenai> 4/02. There was a post a month or so ago about problems with them. Sorry... Hopefully the other company did you right and you had a good time.
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        Good move, cancelling the trip. No need to reward that sort of behavior.


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          Did they refund your initial payment?

          You would think 13 customers is a pretty good slug of business to lose!

          The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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            &lt;Charter company&gt;

            Boy things must have really changed. I fished with this company 10 years or so ago on several occasions. We launched out of Ninilchik and went out only about an hour and we all got nice fish. Maybe it is the next generation running the operation now as it was the dad that took us out and he did a great job. Sorry to hear about your tough time, I fish on a charter once a year and would hate to have that happen to me. Viktor
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              Had a problem with same people

              I had a problem with the same people. Booked with them at the sportsman show, there is a posting about it a month ago. Booked and they cancelled two days before. Would do nothing to help us out said they didn't know any other charter companies. We ended up going with Rod and Reel, the owners of both Tim Bergs and Rod and Reels are brothers. Rod and Reels were great.
              Highly recommed them



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                It's too bad when there is really an item like this which happens the name of the company can't be given so others aren't taken the same way. Liability is negligible if an experience is just being retold....obviously there is a very big problem with whatever company this is. But I understand the websites policy.

                Have booked with Rod and Randy Berg, Rod N Reel Charters, for 15 years and have never been disappointed. Although these Berg brothers should never be confused with their brother Tim Berg.....they are completely different operations. I have never seen anyone work harder to catch you big fish everytime you go out as Rod and Randy...they are a class act.



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                  I like to be kissed when this happens to me..

                  davidb - feel your frustration all the way around. First you have to cancel because of poor business practice and disreguard for customer service then you can't even tell the rest of us who to watch out for!!
                  I had a similar experience a while back out of Ninilchik with a charter company I booked at the sport show.
                  I visited the guy the next year at the short show and let him and everyone around know just what I thought of his and his wifes operation. We drew a crowd!
                  Good fishing friend


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                    Just a slight clarification on the forum rules: You can certainly send davidb a private message and inquire about the company in question. It's not that the company name can't be shared, it just can't be done on the public forum. Thanks for your understanding!



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                      Tell Me Please!

                      davidb - please pm me with the charter, Thanks...


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                        Originally posted by B_M
                        It's not that the company name can't be shared, it just can't be done on the public forum.

                        Especially if they are footing the bill.


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                          Would any of you that have the name of this charter please send me a p.m. It would be greatly appreciated! EricL


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                            That sucks

                            What a way to run a business. Last year I booked a one day charter on the kenai. A couple days before the trip the wife asked if I would like to go the second day as they had room for one more. She offered a discount and I said yes. So I changed my plan to go out the second day. While ON THE BOAT the first day the guide gets a call form his wife and hands me the phone! She tells me they no longer have room for the second day, too bad They're lucky I didn't drop the phone in the river. I'm sure they did it because they found someone to pay full price.


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                              Fuel Prices

                              Not the way to run a business. I've got a boat and ATV charter in Kodiak and what we've had to do is, people that booked last year for a set price pay that price. The others that booked just recently have to pay an inflated price to make up for fuel cost. It's about 20 dollars more than people that booked last fall, but it's the only fair way to do it. It's not the costumers faults that we didn't see this coming.

                              Bottom line, if you quote someone a price you stick too it.

                              Shawn Gornall
                              Shawn Gornall


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