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    Anyone having any luck?

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    It's still VERY SLOW compared to other years. I have tagged two fish down there - a 22 lb. hen on the afternoon of the 6th and a 15 lb. buck on the morning of the 3rd. But the last two mornings during the outgoing tide have been deader than dead. I've heard some were caught last evening, but either the run is late, or this year's return numbers are lower than normal. We'll have to wait and see. Patience. It may still happen. I'll simply repeat what others have been saying for the last couple of weeks - Give it another week.


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      I was down there Sunday, 4 June from 3:00-6:30pm; lost one (lbs unknown) and snagged another about 23-25 lbs in the back letting that one go. Yes, I followed the rules and a good thing, too! A Police Officer was standing on the edge watching me and didn't notice him until after letting the fish go. Saw 4-5 other people bring one in during that time frame.

      Was down there again yesterday (6 June) from 2:00-3:30pm and didn't see anything. However, did see one fella have one at the weighing station that looked to be 25+lbs from a distance. Went back again later that day around 6pm and only saw one person bring in a hen that looked to weigh 20-25lbs. Came up empty handed but did see one scoot past 2 feet in front of me. I stayed until 8:45pm and saw only that one guy bring one in. of the free, home of the brave and infiltrated by the blind & naive.

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        Skunked again

        I was down there last night 6/7 fishing the high tide near the restaraunt/bridge. I was only there for about 1 1/2 hours but saw about 5 decent sized fish caught. 1 poor guy caught a fish about 30 lbs in the belly and had to release him. I still have had no luck however. I was tossing different colored vibrax to no avail. I am new to river King fishing however and don't know a lot about it. Is there a technique that works better than others, or will just tossing it out and retrieving work fine?


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          I've soaked eggs at times later in the run but most of the time I like to just stand on a nice flat rock in my tennies (out of the mud) and toss a #6 Vibrax

          Sometimes I let it sink/drift a little........other times just toss it and start reeling it back in....depends on how crowded it is.......

          Some days believe it or not the color DOES seem to make a difference.......I know that sounds crazy in that murky water but when you see 7 fish caught and they're all on blue/chrome Vibrax........go ahead and keep fishing orange if you want but......

          This technique is good from maybe 2-21/2 hours before high tide to maybe a couple-3 hours after depending on how much water is moving.......30 mins on either side of high tide always seems to go dead to unless I have all day I just pick one side of the tide or the other to fish

          When the kings are "THERE" that's all it takes IMHO

          I think the run is just late this year (or at least that's what I'm hoping)

          I've walked down two days this week at what SHOULD be prime fishing time and all I saw was a couple jacks caught all the way from the bridge down to where the culverts used to be

          there was one very attractive blonde young lady who had about a 15-20#'r slung over her shoulder.........I swear to god that IS what I was looking at when she walked by.........I didn't even notice that her jeans fit her very very nicely!!

          gotta love that fishery!!


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            I would be nnice to say they are late but when, if any will they come in. I was down there this morning from 6 to 9am and saw 2 fish landed from the railroad up to the drive across bridge. My guess is that they aren't late, they just are coming.
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              was there last night. Saw several fish landed, very nice sized. im gonna be out there tonight. Hopefully i don't get another parking ticket


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                Is there still a curfew from 11:00PM to 6:00AM?


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                  Yes. The hours for fishing are from 6 AM till 11 PM. This lasts until King season closes mid-July.

                  This morning, a newbie at Ship commented on two guys fishing 5 minutes before start time and said "I guess it's time." I said only if you want a ticket. He replied, "You mean they take it that seriously?" And right on cue, a trooper comes down out of the trees to write up the two 'early bird' fishermen. The newbie had his answer.


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                    What do you say fellas? Time to spend lunch at Ship Creek yet?


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                      Saw 1 today

                      Was down there around 2pm and watched a guy flogging the water just under "the bridge" restaurant. After about 10-15 minutes he pulled out a nice 25-30#'r still bright. This was at low tide to boot.

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