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  • Salmon Rod/Reel recomendations

    Ok this may sound stupid but in the 4 yrs I have been here never been king fishing, so what weight rod should I have? My buddy gave me a medium weight rod but seems a bit light though thats the rod he used for the 5 years he was up here. Also what kind of line are you all using? the line that is on there now is like the line I use on my weed eater. I have used spider wire and like it but again have no clue as to what I am doing. Any help would be greatly apprecated.

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    king gear

    I use a Lamiglass Kenai King Special rod with an Ambassaduer 7000 C for kings, reds and silvers. Line is 30 lb. mono on the reel, up to 50 lb. leader for kings, depending on the water I am fishing.

    Also use a Lamiglass 8 wt. fly rod with a Alvey saltwater reel (with independent drag) i.e. handle doesn't spin when the fish runs...saving the knucke busting experience. Lots of people use a 10 wt. flyrod as well.


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      My rig

      I use a 8 1/2' Lamiglass medium wt casting rod with an Ambassadeur 6501C3 spooled with 20# Stren High Impact. This set up works great for all of the northern Parks Hwy streams. I am trying Pro-tuff line this year in 30# (8# diameter). Used it a couple of times on the Deshka so far and seems to be going all right. Casts like a dream but occasionally pulls down into the spool a little when I set the hook on a nice rock/tree/whatever. You can't go wrong with a baitcaster IMO. Just takes a bit more practice/finesse than a spinning reel. I like the left handed baitcasting reel even though I'm right handed. I can cast and go straight to reeling without having to change hands.

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        Rod/Reel for Kings

        You don't need an expensive setup. The reel must have a good drag system though. I bought my wife an Okuma reel for $40 and the rod was a medium heavy $60-70 outfit. This is a spinning reel because she was not an accomplished fisherwoman, yet.......she is getting there. I agree that baitcasters are the way to go if you can operate them. After two years of punishment, her reel is in great shape. The rod is showing wear though. The clear coating around the reel attachments are showing white stress line and cracking from the force applied to running fish. We used 40 lb monofilament on her reel. Overall, very satisfied with the purchase.


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