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    Ive been out 3 times so far...just tryin out different spots on the gps...ive fished the narrows, all around chevelle on the south west end of the res bay...been into aialik bay 3 hole bay inside aialik...didnt have too much luck on anything....thinking i need to go further north in aialik bay...or try the next bay over?...any suggestions?? on a general direction...outta seward....dont have to give me your spot unless you dont mind...haha...much appreciated!

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    You should have been able to get some rock fish around Aialik. I've never had the success on halibut that others have reported, but it might be because I was trying it the wrong time of year. I did quickly limit out on yellow eye, and since I was fishing before July 1, had to let alot of nice ling cod go. You should try the 50 fathom line around the points of the bays/coves. You might want to try day harbor for halibut.

    The narrows are great for silvers, early to mid July on into August, you're just too early for silvers.
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      East is best.
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        I've had good luck with halibut out from Hub Rock in Aialik about 300' deep. They were mostly 15-30 lbs, occasionally larger. Also about the same depth in Johnstone Bay to the east. Good luck.


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          thanks guys! im gonna do some more studying see what i can do!!roud:


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