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  • Homer fishing for a newbie

    I'm hoping to but my boat in at homer early next week for the first time. Any suggestions on where to fish not too far out? Any salmon still around or should I be focusing on halibut.or rockfish?

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    Always a few halibut along the bluffs find the kelp...
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      there are always salmon around Homer... Feeder kings can be caught there year round.. You troll for them... if you get too close to Anchor point know where you can and CAN'T fish for salmon... for Halibut...
      Follow the Bluffs on a 272 - 274 degree heading go about 13 nautical miles.. find a some what open spot in the kelp and drop your anchor... bait up with herring and good luck.... p.s. kelp fishing can be oh so slow.... but... there are some very nice "kelp mama's" to be caught there... Or if your feeling a little more adventuresome and confident with your vessel and the wind isn't blowing hard, and the seas are calm.. head out on a 241 degree heading about 21 Nautical Miles.. look around you'll find some Bumps.. try to anchor so that the stern of your vessel is hanging over the edge of the bump... (close usually counts).... Good Luck and Good Fishing


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        Lots Of Options Out Of Homer

        You didn't mention the size of your boat which can make a big difference in your comfort level.Nor did you say anything about yor saltwater expirence :shot:.
        That said---there are sooo many options around Homer,you could spenda life time exploring the area.
        (1) If you don't want to go out too far try fishing right behind the Spit.You can intercept salmon coming into the "fishin hole",there are always plenty of cod and Irish Lords,and I have caught smallish halibut there as well.
        (2) Pick up a copy of Chart 16645.It shows all of Kachemak Bay and if you look for structure you can find all the holes you'll need to explore for a long time.
        (3) Follow Old John's advice as you become more confident in your own abilities and skills.
        (4)Run straight south from the spit and work the shelf from Gull Island west to Lancashire Rocks.Troll herring at various depths and you will catch fish.
        (5) Just get out there and have fun doing it.The area is stunning,the fishing can be outstanding,and the potential is only limited by your own fears.Do be aware of the afternoon wind that will come up,keep an eye out for nasty weather,and take the neccessary steps to be safe so you can come back and fish again.:topjob:


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          Thanks for the tips guys, but as luck would have it, I lost the bearings on my trailer and now need an axle/spindle. If I can get it fixed, I still may be able to go, but we are considering Seward instead since it's closer and we are taking the kids to the sea life center. If I can get the boat in the water that would be great. It's a 20 ft jet raft, so I'll only go if the water is flat. Experience is minimal in the salt, so awareness is HIGH.


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