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Luck of the irish charter

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  • Luck of the irish charter

    Has any one have experience with this charter out of valdez?

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    He cancelled on me last year, said the forecast was too rough, and cancelled the night before. However, other charters went out the next day, then heard he probably cancelled due to fact he did not have enough bookings. (This was for a halibut charter).


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      I was supposed to go with them 2 years ago. Myself, a young couple from Fbks and a guy from Iowa were there at 0600. The "captain" never showed. No phone call, no come down to the dock and tell us, no nothing! It was a bummer to say the least. I did get a call from the owners after e-mailing a complaint. They apologized for the captain.


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        I fished with him my very first trip to alaska fishing for halibut in 2000. There were 8 of us on the boat, 3 were kids under 12. We paid for processing 464 pounds of fillet at the processors the next day. It was one of those totally incredible days that I will never see again. The kids were playing cards in the cabin with their rods in the holders....of course they caught more fish than us who were holding the rods...we had multiple fish over 100 pounds, we had huge lings, yellow eye, and limited on butts.

        He was great to fish with. My uncle fished with him several more times - we had no complaints whatsoever.


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          I fished several times with Pat in the mid to late 90's. Always had excellent service, and he worked his butt off to put us on fish. Never came home empty handed.


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