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    I have done the "search" but can't find the information I want. I've got a 10 day trip in August and I have left a float day at the end of the trip for a charter just in case I haven't done well enough on my own the other 9 days. We will be in Seward (8/25,26) by then and I would like to get a few recommendations for a combo charter. I know fishing is fishing and nothing is guaranteed, just looking for a good time to share with my daughter. I've looked at websites till I can't focus but I did see where one charter, Seward Fish Co, had a video of a man fly fishing off their boat, which would be a fun way to catch a few silvers. Appreciate any guidance and pm me if it makes it easier.

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    I know that Ninilchik Charters has atleast one boat in the Seward Harbor. Wife and I took a combo trip (silver salmon, halibut, & black seabass). Halibut were kind of small, but the silvers and seabass were pretty good size. I have never seen &/or caught that many silvers & seabass. I would recommend them- wife & I usually have one charter with them every year.


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      My wife and I fished with Hill Norvell last August on a combo trip and had a great time. He has a nice big boat, and is a really good guy. You can see him on youtube, he fished Larry Czonka a few times.

      Have a blast


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        Check out Crackerjack or Pro Fish 'n Sea charters. Went out with Capt Nick yesterday on the Crackerjack and they try hard to get you some nice fish. Biggest fish was 107# (not mine sorry to say!). Capt Andy on the Crackerjack Voyager posts as AKCapt and is very helpful to us private guys in Seward so my thumbs up to them.


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          I agree 100% with Fish Witch. Crackerjack and Pro Fish 'n Sea are top notch.


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            I agree with Crackerjack. Never tried Pro fish so can't comment on them.

            I have also had a couple of great trips with Alaska Northern Outfitters.


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              My first trip with Crackerjack was last weekend, and I must say that Captain Andy did an excellent job. He got us on some very nice fish, kept our heads in the game on the rare moment when the action slowed a bit, and was directly involved with everyone on the boat. And I learned a ton about halibut fishing; things I never knew.

              And he did all this without trash-talking the competition.

              His good reputation is well deserved.

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                Anyone use Miller's Landing?


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                  I did a trip with Puffin Charters a few years back and was very impressed. Professional outfit and nice boat/gear. Lots of choices in Seward of course. Lovely place to spend some time as well. For scenery and wildlife, I strongly recommend the Captain's Choice day cruise with Kenai Fjords Tours. One of the best days I have had in Alaska.

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