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  • Sea Sick Meds.

    I have been using prescription Scopace for several years now.
    I think it works better than any non prescription medication.
    I do not get sleepy with this. I do not get sea sick any more.
    It comes in either a 3 day patch or a pill that works for about 8 hours.
    I like the pill. The patch has side effects like dry mouth that I do not like.
    Do a Google search on Scopace and read more about this.
    Ken (Tiderunner)

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    Scopalamine is a God send for me!!! I LOVE to fish the salt, but without the scope patch I will puke all day in a 2 ft swell!! I have been out on some rough ocean down here in Oregon with the patch on and have been 100%. I love it!


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      Fortunately it takes a big rolling swell and fog so I can't see the horizon for me to feel queezy.

      That said my wife isn't so fortunate, and she found on our last trip that Bonine pills really help her out, and no drowsiness.
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        When I started commercial fishing back in 1965 .... it didn't take long to figure out I had a sea sick problem. I tried everything available over the years with marginal to poor success. Then came Scopalamine behind the ear patch ..... problem solved. Side affects vary from one person to the next. For me ..... mostly dry mouth. Some people claimed blurry vision. Learned early on not to dig the patch off at the end of the day and then put that same finger in your eye ..... huge dilated pupil ..... very light sensitive. Also learned that cutting a patch in half with scissors and just using half worked pretty darn good with reduced side affects. Put the patch (or half a patch) on the night before for best results.


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          My wife gets sea sick (or motion sick in general) really easy. For her, none of the over the counter or prescription stuff worked. But, we did find on driving the Road to Hana in Maui that her taking Ginger pills every couple hours worked like a charm with no real side effects.


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            Scopalamine worked wonders for me as well. I didn't know it came in a pill also; I may try that next time because the patch is too much for me. I get VERY blurry vision and dry mouth with a whole patch. I could see to about 5 or 6 feet and after that everything would be a blur. I either cut mine in 1/2 or save the patches to use next year. Aging them seems to cut down on the side effects for me.

            But blurry vision is sure is better than trying to puke my toenails up the entire trip!


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              I've heard that ginger extract ot ginger tea works well for sea sickness. Brew yourself up some in the morning and put it in a thermos, then if you get sick, drink some of the tea or just take some ginger in what ever way it comes, and it'll take care of ya.


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                If you like the ginger you can get crystalized ginger at Freddies in the Health Food Section. New Sagaya sells some ginger candy that works real good too. I have a few boxes on board if the weather picks up for my passengers.


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                  I'm a big believer in Ginger also.
                  My wife is Super Sensitive, and both the little boys are working it out as they grow,
                  so my wife brings along Ginger Cookies for them all to munch from the get-go.

                  No problems for any of them if they get on the cookies early enough. And of course, it's not hard to get boys chowing down on cookies on the way out

                  Have seen many different forms of Ginger for seasickness, from pill form to some of these others mentioned above, candy, etc.

                  It's sure worth a try, to see if you can avoid all those drug side affects
                  Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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                    Here's another wife used to get sea sick while visiting me at lunch time on charter boat tied to the dock! Hahahaha Now she can kick back & read a book while we are anchored bouncing around, while we are diving or bottom fishing.

                    Marezine the night before and a tablet an hour before we go. Zero side affects. Buy over the counter. She also likes ginger snaps, I think excuse to eat cookies!


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                      Scope-patch does the trick for most everyone who tries it.

                      Best pharmacologic solution to an age-old problem.

                      If scopolamine won't do the trick, chances are none of the others will either.

                      Wash thoroughly after handling the patch. Eye rubbing or handling contact lenses with contaminated fingers can dilate the eyes for days and eliminate your ability to see within arms length for any near tasks.
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                        Scopalimine: yes, add Meclizine for additional help

                        Another vote for Scopalamine patch. Your GP can write the Rx for you to get it. I used this once in addition to Meclizine before visiting Disneyland once; I was rock solid happy healthy and hungry and I rode the nastiest rides they had.

                        The med addition was due to my previous trip to Disneyland where (med free) the "Star Tours" ride (which was brand new; that will tell disney veterans how long ago that was) turned me green, despite the fact it never moves farther than 4 feet.



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                          How do you get the prescription if you don't have a family Dr?


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                            Rx costs

                            Originally posted by NORTH2AK View Post
                            How do you get the prescription if you don't have a family Dr?
                            One of the "Doc in a box" clinics works great if you have insurance; my co-pay is 35 bucks to do that, to get the Rx. Without insurance, I couldn't tell ya.

                            Medical costs are so high these days. Even though my whole family is dental-insured, we paid the dentist for just our part of work done just today and it came to over a grand, cash money.


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                              The SCOPACE Pill is cheaper than the Patch altho both use scopalomine. The advantage of the pill over patch is dosage. With the patch, unless it has changed, all get the same dosage. So, a 250 lb person gets the same as a 120 lb person. This accounted for a few problems. Also, you can take the pill as needed. Thus, you do not need it "on" for 3 days. Further, if one gets a bit green and wished to take a pill they can--if it stays down--and it will begin to alleviate effects.

                              I took my father on his first trip to Alaska and he is very susceptible to sea sickness. Worked very well.

                              I take it on long range trips, for friends, out of San diego--it works. (I have never used it myself as I don't suffer from motion sickness.


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